Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke


Here is some evidence by science that refutes Atheism. It says that the belief in karma is a human’s natural thought process.


Atheists can be just as annoying as religious people imo


And they are just as wrong.


No one is “just as wrong”.
Atheism isn’t “there’s no God” its “there’s no proof of God”. They simply reserve judgment most of the time.
You’ll find some that are dicks about it but that’s everywhere.
Life is very much like The Matrix, we individually make it.

Also you’ll find most here don’t believe in Karma, though there is a lot of good info to find on Dharma and Karmas origins.
I think you should look it up.


Every “athiest” I have met has made the statement of “there is no god” ad nauseum


The posted article that atheists dont exist is contradictory and unfounded its not about liking atheists or atheisism either. I dont belive anyone would take this article seriously.

The article claims people are all believers and if not in god than karma or some kind of belief system. The article RATIONSLIZES the princepals of atheism which is a lack of belief in god or a higher power. Further in times of great stress or fear atheists would turn to god or religion hoping for salvation or devine intervention.

Atheists do exist and would draw on there personnel experience and knowledge to solve problems without prayer or belief in a higher power as personal knowledge is the power.

More and more people are turning away from Christianity, and belief in god and religion. The article seems geared toward the Xian community to rationalize their beliefs, a community that diminish in size as many want freedom from religion and god and the untrue dogma of Christianity.


Isn’t that the difference between atheism and agnosticism? Atheists are the people who believe that there is no god. The agnostics are the ones who reserve judgement.




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  1. a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.



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  1. a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of thingsare unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.
  2. a person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study.
  3. a person who holds neither of two opposing positions on a topic:

Hmm :thinking:
Technically not sure on that one lol. By definition they seem to be very similar.


Atheist only refers to your stance on god.
Agnostic Atheist means you think we can’t know for sure if god exists, but the speculation is pointless without evidence.

Gnostic atheist( like gnosis), asserts the positive claim that god doesn’t exist


I was an Atheist for a brief time in my teens. I had read too many Bertrand Russel books and thought it was a good idea. But fundamentally atheism is logically flawed. According to the flawed logic of atheism:
God doesn’t exist.
You are God.
Therefore you don’t exist.
And while people might get away with atheism, as long as things are going well, so the article says, it just doesn’t work in times of crisis.