Sometimes i wonder that all the Miracle discoveries made by the great Scientists must have any connection with Demons or to another dimension…I think they must have took guidance from Another Dimensional beings am i right?


It could be, but not necessarily.

I think its just more of trial and error thing,they can fail thousands of times but one true step and you have the miracle :man_shrugging:


I like to think of science as the study of the physical realm and magick the method of bending the rules of the physical realm.

Is astral realm more cool or physical ??

Absolutely. But not with Demons only, there are other classes of Spirits behind Science and its development.

Very right.

These things are scarce, what bring such beautiful thought into your mind?

That’s a subjective answer. I’m not sure if I have a preference as I have only been to the astral realm once.

I mean if astral world is so full of joy then why we even came into this Physical World why don just remain there and enjoy!!!

Mad science! It could be but looking at there practical thought process to create there theories and scientic goals, it is unlikely they would turn to the occult.

I’m not really sure how many of us got a choice in that. xD

Spirits find the Physical Realm fascinating because it’s so different from the Astral Realm. They’re curious, so they want to experience life as we experience it; they don’t have physical senses like we do, so using humans as vessels provides them a way to perceive the world as we do. And yes, they’re aware of the many problems of the Physical Realm.

The Astral Realm isn’t all rainbows and sunshine either. There are a number of entities who live there that despise humans and are just unpleasant in general. I think I read somewhere that people can also be cursed through the Astral Realm.

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Thank Ya for your Time!!!
Peace :v:

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