Science v magic

what’s the difference? why don’t scientists see what we see? if you think about it they are not so different. we both strive to understand reality and find ways to improve our lives. i don’t see that either of us are wrong, i like to consider myself a bit of both. so how come we can’t agree on something so simple as whether or not magic exists?


Magick is an experimental science that has no real way of measuring it with current technology that’s why most scientists diss miss it as just myth but of course we know better.

Remember that many things that we take for granted back then where considered occult back then like writing and even reading if we go back further!
Won’t take long for things to change again!


Either some are putting limits to the scientific method and at a certain point they will stop, or science will discover everything but in the next centuries.

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Since magic is based on individual achievement and confirmation, and lacks a “retestable” system, it’s scientific proof is minimal if existent to the majority of the scientific community. Same goes for ghost-hunting, even though more scientists believe in ghosts.


Magick has always been science we don’t completely understand.
The scientific community is not a community of scientists it’s a dogmatic religious cult complete with many forms of indoctrination.
If you notice the goal is always to disprove and never to prove so the mindset from the start is a bias one.
They protect their religion and their world view at all costs lest the validity of their beliefs be called into question, just like all fanatic religions. Theirs is simply atheism and to think that there might be consequences other than the law of man is their greatest fear. They enjoy the lack of morality that comes along with it as would anyone and they want to protect that freedom through delusion that they have.


I agree with what’s been said that magick is invalidated science. But this only applies to earth. ET exploit magick as high technology since a long time so I think that ET are way more intelligent than humans.


To some degree, magic can be explained scientifically by simply explaining the experience in a scientific approach. But most of us will skip that part when we share our experiences in forums, websites and blogs. Why is that? The easiest answer to that is most of us want RESULTS and doesn’t give a shit about the understanding of why and how things happened.

And when I mean “science” I mean in the way of understanding the mechanical and technical functionalities of energies, and the more magicians that digs deeper with this, the more verifiable it will become. Of course, the fallacy lies within the lack of measurement, but ESOTERICISM is gaining ground and acceptance by common scientists. But there’s still a long way to get fully accepted. Maybe one day it will.


“Scientists” is a large number of people who have a variety of different beliefs and opinions even on the standard “facts” of their field of study. Let alone fields they don’t study (which is most).

A scientist working in Chemistry is likely to know relatively little about biology or physics apart from those parts relevant to their field. Naturally most simply haven’t looked into it to give an informed opinion either way, just like they may not have looked into any other field outside their own.

I know scientists who do believe in magic (among other things). More than most would think. But good luck getting them to admit that publicly as it would mean they suddenly can’t get funding for their research, become a laughing stock and no longer have a career or livelihood.

Academia is very political and often requires a lot of “brown nosing” and not rocking the status quo (too much…a little is accepted) to get anywhere. Kind of like most fields of work or life…

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Something I just realized is that the academic industry ( it really is a racket) holds a monopoly on what is considered valid information. For example should one study chemistry or engineering independently they will never be taken seriously in society or even the field of science because they didn’t pay the membership fees. They are rejected because they don’t have that piece of paper that says you paid money and have been properly indoctrinated.
Norman Larson invented WD40 for the military and had no formal schooling, the Wright brothers didn’t even have highschool diplomas and they were the first men to fly.
Aerodynamics was a science not yet conceived of and two uneducated idiot brother’s discovered it. An ignorant fool created one of the most important substances necessary for modern machinery maintenance.
Magick is simply not on the list of “approved” fields of study. Some things they don’t want you to know.

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