Science from a polytheistic perspective

So it’s no surprise fundamental Christianity is opposed to science because it “takes power away from God.” I feel that in polytheism, science is not only allowed but encouraged. I enjoy polytheism because it allows for more variety. Not to mention, many ancient cultures held their own scientific work. Most gods I feel have no problem with science. However, some gods, particularly those presiding over knowledge, actually encourage scientific study and innovation. So long as science is used progressively. As in to better mankind, not to hinder it. If scientists were to follow any god, I can see them praying to gods like Thoth.

Nature based beliefs should never be in conflict with science anyways I think. Personally I dont believe that there is anything supernatural about magick or any mystical force. I can’t think of a single god, spirit, or force that isnt a part of the natural world and without a physical manifestation echoed in this world as a foot print of its current.

I devide the spiritual cosmology into three realms.

Celestial realm: Abode of gods, their agents, and enlightened souls.

Sylvan realm: Abode of humans, animals, and nature spirits.

Infernal realm: Abode of dark gods, the dead, and trickster spirits.

I like your layout, ive always felt its more like a ligjt spectrum without any hard lines. Where would classify a thoughtform or servators on that chart?

Astral plane, which I think is sort of between them.

I use this depiction in my work. Each religion/tradition is connected to one or two of these three realms.

Celestial: Majority religions. Hermeticism. Gnosticism.

Sylvan: Paganism. Heathenry/Asatru. Voodoo/Santeria.

Infernal: Satanism. Luciferianism. Setianism. Demonolatry. General LHP.

There are religious scientists of varying faiths. Many of them see science as a mystery left by their god/gods for humans to discover for themselves.