Science compiled with occult + spell

Ok, most of this was bullshit… But basically, questions:

Have you managed to work together with science and occult?


Has anyone even managed to perform “anti pregnancy spell”
… i’m not necessarily saying that i need one, i think luck will take care of this one too.

I will answer the first and last one.

  1. Obviously the person most likely does not know what they are doing. Either that, or they are the enemy whose agenda is to slread misinformation. We have War in this world; on a less national level that manifests as Psychogical Operations via spiritual warfare which might be what your dealing with. Most people dont think of that though.

  2. Energy is Information. One can be possessed with knowledge which pretty much accounts for evsryones mazsive jump in learning experiences around here. It didnt just simy happen of their own efforts I can assure you in most cases with the super weird experiences. There is a Greater Spiritual Force and I would behoove people to be more respectful to it in those regards.