Schools of Magick

:scroll: Schools of Magick :candle:

Alteration :candle:
Alteration magick goes into the astral plane before manifesting on the physical (or another plane) through direct energy manipulation.

Example: Hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, chronokinesis, micro-PK

Conjuration :ghost:
Conjuration magick summons a force, spirit, entity, object, etc, typically by radiating energy from a center point.

Example: Weather spells, necromancy, ceremonial magick

Destruction :fire:
Destruction magick aims to harm, deteriorate, or weaken a target typically through a direct energetic link.

Example: Hexes, curses, jinxes, evil eye

Divination :crystal_ball:
Divination magick involves the analyzation of energy constructs into a decipherable and understandable form as psychic information.

Example: precognition, tarot reading, aura viewing, clairaudience

Enchantment :alembic:
Enchantment magick involves the binding of two or more energies in order to make the two influence the others own energy.

Example: talismans, potions, sigils, poppets

Illusion :eye:
Illusion magick works on mental and/or emotional plane(s) in order to give impressions and influence the five senses.

Example: glamour, “invisibility”, calmness, paranoia, eye color

Restoration :prayer_beads:
Restoration magick heals, protects, or strengthens a target typically through a direct energetic link.

Example: warding, circle casting, healing, protection

These are the seven schools of magick that I personally use simply for organization purposes. They are organized in this manner instead of more traditional manners due to my own approach to magick. This is not a summary of the extent of magick nor the practices involved. These are broad categories.

Many witches become witches when they lack other areas of power and wish to make change in their life. This is a very practical approach. They will typically organize themselves by the purpose of a spell: wealth, career, health, love, luck, hexing, etc.

I understand this practical approach, and I definitely use witchcraft when I need it for such uses. But I did not become a witch because of the practicality so much as I did because of the love and passion for magick itself rather than simply what it can bring me.

This love and passion and fascination manifested through my craft by creating a focus on the development of magick. The development of supernatural/psychic powers is the goal of my craft, as well as learning various methods to use my magick best. This has influenced my choice to organize my craft, as well as (now) my tumblr, in this manner. These categories allow me to manipulate energy in various ways to better reinforce my practice. These categories are not based merely on the end goal of magick, but the methods used to get there.

While not every alteration spell will have the exact same method, there will be similarities so that they reinforce each other. Spells of the same school will typically use similar energy manipulation.

This post which i found on tumblr really helped me organize my practice, and although i dont like the whole “Witchblr” community on there the all have some really great information on there that can be useful to any magician.

This post was made by Arcane Academy on tumblr they have a lot of great stuff they post about and here is the link to there blog


Straight out of Dungeons and Dragons and Elder Scrolls. Taking inspiration from fiction is fine to a point. We’ve seen plenty of people go off the deep end taking fiction too literally though. I don’t see any harm in using it to categorize ideas and methods.


I avoid Tumblr like the plague it is.

This is cool though. I agree, very D&D but that’s cool. You’re using it as an organizational tool.

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Alright faralda. (Elder scrolls fans will get it.)

It’s not a bad idea to categorize though.


What did poor lil Tumblr do? p.p

the moment i read this, i thought about booting up oblivion and playing around with my high elf spellsword


Sjw heaven, fb is almost as bad but Tumblr has always been a cesspool.

Time to make a 1 point powerful levitation spell lasting 60 seconds.

So OP.

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Explains rather well lol.

I use the exactly same system to organize my spells. I have this from Skyrim. I remember I was so into the game, one time I crafted my own iron dagger from some scrap iron lying around and enchanted it.