School shooting

So Nikolas Cruz (the Parkland, Florida school shooter) was interrogated and says he hears “demons” that control him, obviously he may just be schizophrenic or attempting to be tried as insane, but could it also be an entity as work? What’s your opinion m8s?


If any entity, it would be a lower level manipulating spirit. Not the demons we work with but the demons that you hear haunt people. They’re lower level and just like to mess with people and cause havoc.
He could also be lying, Its an easy excuse for people who do bad shit


Yeah, demon was just the word the news chose, but that’s a good point


Could be some lower vibration entities but everyone likes to refer to demons as the bad guys. It could easily be something else. Maybe he is just schizophrenic. Maybe he let loose his energy to create egrores that ended up turning on him. Lots of possibilities…


I hate when evil people like this school shooter and blame demons! :triumph: They are truly shit and people just eat it up.


Fuck him. That was my high school. So many of my friends lost little brothers and sisters. Not to mention my niece was locked in a closet for 5 hours in the elementary school next door.


Huh, but ur profile says jersey? Nibba if u lying bout this shit I’m pissed and I ain’t dealing with u on this site

@Rohanius Don’t be an ass. It does occur to you that people move right? My condolences @serpens_album


Cut it out. Completely unnecessary.
He has legs, he can move locations if he so desired. It’s not even your business.


I was suprised though when i saw that Glasya-Labolas was the author and captain of manslaughter and bloodshed!!!

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Originally from south Florida


I was being hostile cause I’m used to people lying about that shit. It happens all over the internet when people from third world countries lie about being in 9/11. There are almost 100,000 public schools in the United States and I hope u can respect me thinking u was talking bs.

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Goodness. My sympathies.


Another of those possibilities is the shooter could be a Targeted Individual, as some speculate that the others were - not just at schools. Microwave tech has existed for decades that allows voices to be heard and ideas to be formed directly in the targets head. It’s developed to the point of using it in shopping malls to encourage spending.

But, it allows Innocents to be used as weapons, while the real culprits are miles away. It’s used to silence whistle blowers and scientists that become uncomfortable with the usage and try to do the right thing and speak out. The clue is in the political results, which I expect is about to be another round of bills to disarm the American public… for why, is the real question.

All is not as it seems. If you just react to surface appearances - the fragments of info we’ve been handed by the media, which we all know is mostly untrustworthy - you are allowing yourself to be used. Of all people we should be able to look into this and figure out the who, why and how, and maybe come to some decisions about it that aren’t what the elite expect.



While you have good points my fear is that if we were to keep that mind set that we would be chasing shadows and driving ourselves crazy. Sorta like the christians that rave about satan using politicians to kidnap kids and send them to mars or the moon to be turned into slaves. It is a guilty pleasure to watch these types of videos and they only get crazier the deeper you delve into it. :confused:

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Very true, conspiracy’s are great food for thought but honestly they can fuck u up if u take em seriously.

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Gawd I hope the bring back info wars! :sob: I miss my dose of Alex “their turning our frogs gay!” Jones, man I can’t even right now. :frowning:

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this is so true but 99.9 percent of people wouldn’t believe they’re government wpuld ever do anything bad.

give me. fucking break people! there are so many stupid as people that blindly accept anytging the government or media tells them as the truth.

its sad that such a vast majority of people in the world didn’t know that alot of ehat they see on t.v. is actually bullshit until trump came along talking about fake news.

now I’m not a massive trump fan or anything but at least he got ppl to start questioning shit. except the diehard liberals who will believe anything that’s on CNN hand the same goes for the diehard Republican with fox.

but my original point was that thetr is so much fucked up shit thst happens to soldiers and citizens along with kids at the hands of our own govt that are supposed to protect us.

its really fucking sad. don’t get me started on the pedodifile elites ahhjh. it makes me sick.

one thing I read and I’m not sure if it was here or not was that the reason the elites rape kids is for there own benefit because it releases the kundalini serpent when they get sodomized at a young age and they are nore intelligent and have more powers because of it and they do it too any children expected to be in power that the can.

completely fucked up in everyway. I dotb care what benefits it has if there even realkybwhere any it’s still fucked uo to the highest degree and all those involved should be immediately tortured and put to death by a slow and painful process!

if there are any pedos on this forum which I hope there isn’t then just do us all a favor and blow your brains out today.

I don’t actually know if that’s why the elites do that but that’s what i read.

but there is a bunch of other fucked up things that do happen that will continue to happen bc nobody stops them and most ppl refuse to believe it no matter what.

this is why I would never fight for this country. I respect those that do but i will not go and die while the government’s get away with the shit they do.

the citizens are great and that goes for all places its the leading powers that fuck everything up.

well there’s my rant but im happy at least someone knows something and isn’t just saying oh it’s another conspiracy.

the sad thing about conspiracies is that the government’s will actually have people that look and come off as completely batahot crazy saying they do things that they actually do to discredit the whole idea entirely

nobodybwants to agree with the raving lunatic it’s justbcommon sense. they have been doin this shit for decades. ok that’s enough for now. hopefully some others on herr Will agree with me

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