School question

Not trying to sound like I’m entitled or anything .

But is there a goetic demon that can somehow get me all the credits I need to graduate high school ? I have 8 and by June I need 44 to graduate and about 4 regents . Like somehow I just have all the credits I need .

You have 8 credits, but you need 44 to graduate by June?

There is no demon that will bring the credits you need without a lot of work on your part. It’s doable, but be prepared to work like a dog because what is likely to happen is they will bring you many extra assignments to complete for the credits you need.

If you were closer to the goal, like you had 40 credits or something, a demon might be able to swing making them forget the remaining 4 through a bureaucratic error or something but not with such a large disparity.

You can’t get something for nothing.


So who can do this ? Lol that will be A LOTTTT of studying and A LOT of work to do .

Or maybe influence my Principal to buy my online classes and I’ll handle the rest ?

I suggest King Paimon.


If it will mean a LOT of studying to make there was an excellent post on that some weeks ago with great names to work with to assist you.
So try see If you can find that one aswell it might allready have all the info you need.