Scent of a burning rose

I am doing the book “demons of magic.” I decided to see what a burning rose smells like. I went to the store and got a single rose. It was difficult to burn. It only smelt like “something burnt.” It did not have a unique smell. I just thought I would try that to try and make my magick more powerful. Has anyone else done this?

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Maybe try some rose incense and try to pair the smell in your mind with the imagery of the rose you burned. Yes I have used the method in Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia pathworking myself.


Yeah burning rose is a mixture of woodsmoke and rose in my mind. Seemed to work just fine.


Thank you, that is a good idea. I presume you like and recommend the book you mentioned?

I like it yes and if your fond of this method then the book might a good match for you. I have so many books on Goetia though that it’s not my go-to book anymore. It has worked for me in the past though.

I just imagine the scent of a rose and some smokiness together. It sees to work for me. It definitely does not come as naturally as the other sensory prompts.

the hardest one for me is the taste of blood. Username checks out.

I honestly had no idea what a “sanguine” was when I joined! :joy: I was trying to be ironic, because I am such an anxious person and that is probably the complete opposite of being sanguine! I was going to ask if I could change my name, because I am not sanguine in the vamping sense.

I am always accidentally biting the inside of my cheek, so I have that when I want to think of the taste of blood.

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Lick a penny. Blood has a coppery taste and smell similar to a penny warmed in the sun.


Blood taste of salt and iron. Lick your wound next time you get a paper cut you’ll see.

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Probably better to prick my finger and get a good taste

The thing is, i know what blood tastes like but for some reason it’s hard to recreate for me :thinking: Maybe i should get a little taste, right before the ritual, and it will come easier later on.

If you feel that’s the only way for your mind to make the connection to the feeling go head.

Maybe it’s not the most accurate, but I would get a sort of cinnamon-ish scent when I was doing the magick. Close enough is good enough anyways, and letting the sensory experiences evolve I think is part of the magick.

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