Scaring thr crap out of skeptics

Hello! I just had a fun idea. Has anyone ever sent a spirit to scare the crap out of an atheist? Like all of a sudden they see crazy apparitions and shit flies around the room?

How would one even do this? It sounds advanced. Could it not be done with a sigil, or simple ritual? Would it have to be evoked?

This would be so sweet to witness, but there is also the part where you need it to go away. Could you make an agreement with the spirit that when the job is done to your satisfaction they leave?

They’d probably just go to the doc and get some anti-psychotic meds… :slight_smile:

I’ve kind of won people over before by doing energy healing on them or their pets, and they noticed the difference right away, or spotting a health problem or something if they challenged me to scope them out, I’m not sure how easy it would be to get a full manifestation (especially when you read about people on here working very hard to get anything) but you do read about these things.

I would guess you’d need a strong personal link to the person and also, have to be highly motivated, simply “proving them wrong” might not suffice.

David StClair’s books about (allegedly) real-life possession have lots of phenomena reported, so did the Enfield poltergeist, though to be honest Enfield is close enough to being a Hell-Realm, that I’m not sure who was haunting who… :wink:

I saw a documentary on the Enfield poltergeist! I loved it. I do think they would get psychiatric help first and foremost, but if they were in a room full of witnesses it would make it pretty hard to say they all went crazy at the same time.

Your healing method sounds very sweet, and would probably be the way to go. I have creeped my husband out during a game of “guess a number between one and one-hundred” He’s amazed, then waves it away as coincidence even though he knows more than anyone the probability of guessing at that range.

He also freaked out over my first EVP’s, then managed to wave the next batch away. He actually thought the totally obvious growl I captured to be an insect. I couldn’t believe it. I would not want to be near an insect that sounded like that.

If anyone wants to hear it PM me, and I’ll email it to you, because the file is to big to post here. It was in a cemetery in Santa Barbara, and there weren’t even birds present. The grass was low and dry. Anything that would make a noise like that would be obvious.

I haven’t and I don’t think I ever will.
First I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

As a child and also as a teenager I witnessed poltergeist activity.
It wasn’t something anyone or myself consciously caused though.

Using ceremonial magick to cause objects to move isn’t something a lot of people would waste their time on.
If you have the power to cause objects to fly around the room using ceremonial magick is it likely you would be using your power for far greater things.

Seems to me like you have doubt that magick is real and that people can cause reality to shift by the use of magick.

Remember this isn’t Harry Potter like magick we are talking about here.

Often people use magick to cause possible realities to become very probable realities and line things up in their life that greatly benefit them or someone else.

One of the greatest road blocks for magicians is doubting you have the power to manifest your desires.

A warning to you Wednesday, if you try and call on spirits and get them to do something just to prove to you they exist or have the power to affect this world it could backfire on you in a bad way. There are plenty of spirits out there that would teach you a harsh lesson if you attempt to do so.
Saying you were successful in evoking them that is, which you probably wouldn’t be if you have the level of doubt in the reality of such things that it appears you have.

DeathWish, I just wanted stories. I would never attempt such a thing myself. I know they exist, I just get tired of being the only one in my circle.

And I’m a jerk on top of that, so I think it would be funny if someone did and had a story to tell.

Call upon a Female Demon to induce an intense Fixation on the paranormal. But do so from the Path of Love, as Love is regenerating. Usually Sex and Love gonhand in hand…so are extremely powerful for inducing strong fixations. The rest is a matter of directing the demon properly so its successful. That means this isnt just conjuring at your altar like “Blammo!” but rather you have to use your intelligence and creativity to form a logical strategy where it is both an Artform and Science. Once said strategy is created the game plan…them you enact it. Its alot like going to War, but it is not a literal war.

When you use fear based motivationsnit takes alot of energy to keep the ball rolling. When you use Love then it gives a reason for the individual to want to stick around. As for the creating of Fixations that is an Artform all its own…I just recommended more brute force methods where Love naturally works better in this department…however strategy can be implemented and the rest is up to you.

Charles cosimano has a section on “incorcisms” in psionic grimoire it hink, never personally tried it but it sounds like a fun time

Oh my god! That’s what I’m talking about! Nice to know somebody has a sense of humor around here. I love Uncle Chuckie for that very reason. He has FUN at the expense of others. I should go back and read that again.

Yes, and you do need to evoke the spirit because how else are you going to be able to tell the spirit what you need done? It’s fun to see people’s reactions when you do this, especially atheists! No fancy rituals needed, just call forth a demon.

If you want to “scare the crap out of skeptics”, they probably turn that to dogma and fear and the church got new followers as a result of it. Or, in another “worst case scenario”, a lockup in a mental institution.

Isn’t it better to raise curiosity and fascination, than fear? Benevolent spirits is a better approach and, perhaps, an intimate one. Not necessarily a “succubus”, because they can challenge lust, commitments, hidden kinks and the darker spectrum of the skeptic.

In my opinion, if you want to turn a skeptic to something more openminded, fear will turn them further away from the spiritual world.

Why waste time like that anyway? Now if someone wronged you and you feel hungry for a little revenge nice and chilled with a cherry on top a tasty just deserts. Then I got one for you, but be warned, the nightmare is a strange creature and you may end up turning yourself into an opportunity.

They are not like other entities if I give you this do so at your own peril. They are similar to succubi in nature but totally different in behavior. Call it up, but what ever you do, don’t call it forth. And don’t evoke it or let it possess you.

Think of it like calling up a psycho killer and inviting him into your house. You might have a lovely evening with hannibal or it could be you on the dinner plate. There’s playing with fire and then there’s playing with nuclear bombs. I can give you the names of 4 of these such spirits and you will need to drop my name.

These are the kind of thing that if in good standing they will destroy your enemies before they even get a chance to mess with you. I have had one guy beg me to “call the dogs off” to which my only reply was “I didn’t send any” He replied with “they said your name”. I asked “who? what are you talking about?” he went on to tell me his experience and admit that he had been putting the moves on my girlfriend.

I heard years later that he had killed himself. I don’t know if those things are related but the thought had crossed my mind that they might have terrorized him to that point. if interested send me a PM.