Scared to do a pact but need a loan!

Hello! I need advice. :slight_smile:
I have done everything I needed to do to prepare myself to get approved for a loan for my business (paying credit cards, reaching out to Bune and Beliah via Goetia Pathworking). I am still very scared to press the apply button for fear I may not get the full amount requested like earlier this year. Is there any ritual I can do to ensure success? From the last post… I got another reading that was positive about doing this product. Much better reading then the last I was scared about.

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I recently purchased a home…I went through the process of gathering documents and supplying everything they needed. I was told I needed $5K down, which I had. They come back saying I need to put $15K down because they couldn’t accept my $10K earnest deposit. This was bullshit, and I wasn’t having it, so I called on King Paimon to make them accept the $5K at closing, cut the shit and approve me. It was a long drawn out process.

I just wrote a petition with his seal, the logo of the mortgage company, and the names of everyone involved. He ended up helping me and everything went smooth after that. I feel like King Paimon would be the one to call.

Good luck…


I’m just gonna say to be careful with credit cards. I’ve heard stories of people using credit cards to get a business going, but I would only use that as a last resort, and then only if your appetite for risk is very large.

You do not want to be paying interest payments on credit cards. That is how you become financially fucked forever. Credit cards tend to charge double digit interest rates, and if that’s below 20%, then you’re lucky. In case you aren’t aware, you can expect to earn like 7-10%ish per year in the stock market. So basically what that translates to is you’re getting fleeced, absolutely milked dry if you’re paying credit card interest rates. The credit card company wants you to be in debt to them forever so they get to keep sucking all the money out of you.

If I am understanding you correctly and you are looking for extra credit from credit cards, make your own life decisions, but just be aware of the possibility of getting stuck with bad debt that makes life a lot harder.

If I did not understand you correctly and you are trying to pay off credit cards, I would do everything in your power to get that shit sorted out as a top-priority.


This is going to sound a bit off, but I would actually petition the “Universe” for this. Similar to the mask of Satan, let those spirits that are willing to help, help, if it is in your best interest. I would state that last part, too, just in case opening this path would close a better one.

It’s not the same as “surrendering” or asking for something for nothing, because you’ve put in work already to meet you goal. You’re asking for them to tip the balance in your favor.