Scared by your own curse?

Last night I discovered the identity of the man who abused me in august. His face haunted my dreams until recently. Tonight I decided to end this. I called forth my Met Tet and two of the darkest Lwa known to man and called forth the darkest of the dead. I stabbed a candle with nails, sharpened bones, and pins with his name paper under it. I sent forth all of my anger and pain from sixth months back to him. I saw him tortured and writhing in pain. I cried, vomited, and screamed. After two exhausting hours I closed the ritual. This will go on until the candle has been burnt out. But now, I feel this sense of darkness around me. This hasn’t happened before. I see shadows moving around me. Owls screech and coyotes howl as I smoke my cigarette before I go inside and cleanse thoroughly. Has this happened to anyone else?


I’ve actually experienced this a lot, with poltergeist activity, seeing orbs and shadows, hearing animals and singing etc.

I see it as the forces and power that was in the rite leave a residue within you and around you. I also see it like this these occurrences after the rite are signs that the magick and process is underway and the goal is manifesting.


Bro that’s how I cast my curses. I ramp everything I feel, dump it out, then repolarize into a different base energy. The energy released is like magnetic. It will return to the body which matches it’s polaric charge. When done correctly the energy, instead of returning to you, will instead return to your target.

And yes welcome to the real darkside. To go without hope or mercy, neither receiving them nor granting them to others. :#:


My head is pounding so hard right now. My stomach is churning too.


Pm me brother.

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If you summoned who I think you did then that’s expected. The energy of that rite left a lot of residue and @C.Kendall is correct. It’s a good sign.

When working with Marie Laveau she called it confirmation, you’re getting a taste of the havoc you just wreaked. And it’s glorius, revel in it and know that your will is being done


I’ve heard screams of my target when doing Baneful things before.

Freaks me out for a second cuz it’s a surprise.


Yea cursing leaves me feeling really fucking weird. I start to hear growls and howling as my inner beast awakens. Cleanse yourself of that shit bro. It’s working. May want to symbolically wash your hands of the person with salt water. Last time I launched a major curse there was blood on my hands in the astral days later, and I didn’t feel right until I cleansed myself, my house, and my ritual tools.