Scared about vodoun and Loa's


Lately I’ve been interested in vodoun and Loa’s. Honestly, it seems like an intimidating path, and I feel that my interest (reading and thinking about them) might invite its energies into my life.

I’m not at all at the point I can think about having such intimidating energies into my life, so I’ve meditated on keeping these energies away. (In the most respectable way that I could)

Was this disrespectful? Should I be worried?

Peace and love!

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There’s nothing to be scared of. Grab life by the balls and go for it. I don’t have fear now with this. I probably should but I just don’t feel scared of these entities. In general I find humans to be more vicious and unfeeling. Try Papa Legba first, he’s the gateway to the others anyway.


Voudan is not for everyone but you should not let fear determine your paths. Some of the most powerful and feared spirits can become allies and lead you to be more powerful then you thought. Perhaps it isnt the loa who are scaring you but fear and parasites