If all our actions create effects which build our wyrd and future luck…cause and effect etc.

Then is it possible to use your enemy as a scapegoat for all your past negative actions?

If so, any ideas how?

Personally I don’t think so. We are responsible for our actions. If I react in a negative way to someone else’s actions that is because I either chose to or I failed to think about all the factors of the situation. Placing blame on others seems likea move of weakness IMO, personal responsibility and accountability is the path of strength.

You could use your enemy as a target for the negative circumstances that you have suffered because of them and use that to fuel your ritual.

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Well sure it does, but only if you believe in that paradigm and give it power, only then does it have a shred of relevance, like any other paradigm.

Karma, or whatever angry invisible sky man, or public craftsman that the ignorant masses of people believe in is the same. If you believe in bad luck or good luck, my only advice is that you don’t approach it like a gravel truck driver or a sports fan for the love of all that’s sacred and dear.

Thanks TWF and Frater Apotheosis.

Now I’m assuming if scapegoats aren’t possible on an individual level, it can’t be done to whole religions, races or cultures? Isn’t this the whole basis of Christianity?

Anyone know if there is a hidden meaning in this Bible text: Leviticus 16:8 “And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the Lord, and the other lot for the scapegoat (Azazel).”

The reason I bring this up is that a rather wild conspiracy theorist suggested that the elite are using Christians as scapegoats. Basically, it didn’t matter how much harm the elites do because they know how to use sorcery to place all the “evil” they do onto the Christians masses. I’m not saying I’m buying it, I just found it a fascinating idea.

William R. Wraithe has a ritual in one of his books for exchanging “luck” with another person. If that’s possible, would it also be possible to exchange a poor person’s financial luck with that of a wealthy person?

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Most wealthy people aren’t “lucky” - they work damned hard, including to make their own breaks, they have a good professional way of dealing with the majority of folks they meet, they manage money really well, and do everything it takes to be where they are.

Most lottery winners end up skint within a few years precisely because of this - it’s the core attitudes, actions round money, and baseline self-hatred and self-contempt that keeps people poor.

I saw it with my family, I saw it with friends, one of whom won a 5-figure sum on the lottery here in England and had torn through it in less than 2 months, and ended up a few grand in debt before she got the spending back under control… now, I’m NOT lecturing you on morals, but if you want to be rich, or to make someone else rich, you’d better be ready to receive it by having that stuff in place already, or it’ll be another story like the lotto winners who end up broke.

I’ve known some very rich and successful people in my life, I’ve done a bit of PA (personal assistant) work and every single one of those people, if you took someone who’s poor and a bit envious, and said, “You can have what they have, but you have to do what they did to get it” (or, with magick, “you have to keep doing what they do to keep it”) most people would be on their arses worse off than before (having got used to spending big) within a year or so.

And I’ve known a lot of poor people, and without exception under the surface they had shitty attitudes, to work, money, people more successful than themselves, and most of all to themselves.

Best way to steal a rich person’s luck is therefore probably to look into your own beliefs, attitudes, and work out what you can build on - any magick you do will be landing on a firm foundation that way!


Science Of Getting Rich - Wallace T Wattles (most “magickal-style” of this list, and it’s free online as a PDF because it’s out of copyright now)
Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill (also out of copyright & freely available)
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude - Nap. Hill again
Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind - Harv T. Ecker
The Key - Joe Vitale

Every one of those books will boost your most dark and esoteric evocations by making you have the kind of beliefs it takes to hang onto your gains once they’re manifested.

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Don’t worry about using others to take your bad “karma” away for you.
Instead do what you need to and don’t hold any attachment to it. Feel no remorse or guilt for it. The only thing that can effect you is what you hold an attachment to.

[quote=“andreeje, post:6, topic:1978”]Don’t worry about using others to take your bad “karma” away for you.
Instead do what you need to and don’t hold any attachment to it. Feel no remorse or guilt for it. The only thing that can effect you is what you hold an attachment to.[/quote]

Sounds easy enough, but it may not always be so. Some people can have deep-seeded conceptions about ‘karma’ and morality. They may consciously attempt to negate those attachments, but the subconscious may not so easily agree. Also, people may think that the are consciously deciding how to react to a ‘negative’ situation, but in fact, their reaction can sometimes be the result of subconscious programming they aren’t even aware of.

In that case a symbolic ceremony of some sort (symbolism speaks directly to the subcobscious), something entirely personal, can help - I felt guilty about something I did when I was a teenager and purged it by making amends, financial donation to a charity in my case, as part of an hour-long ritual to close that “account” down.

There’s a difference between externally imposed ethics, and internal integrity, and I’ve gained a LOT from going over everything I felt bad about, that I felt was out of integrity (even where no conventional moralities were involved) and closing down every “account” I felt I still owed amends to, so it’s a useful exercise if you feel you have any baggage.

I did this as part of a larger working to remove false restrictions from my psyche, and it’s had lasting effects, I was dubious at first whether digging stuff up that’s over a decade old would be helpful but since it was there anyway, calling an end on it with a clearly marked ceremony really helped me move on.

Some very good and liberating advice here which I intend to use. I’ll add to what has already been given and suggest that one simply open the bible and read. There is a LOT of scapegoating going on in there starting on page one and going to the very last page. Never once do a certain group of entities collectively called god ever own up to their responsibilities. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Now, for myself, I’d rather not stoop to their example. I accept the errors of myself & others (human), then I forgive myself & them (divine). Lady Eva gives a very good idea to use a ritual to help with releasing.

In the e book Baneful Magic, Koetting says that some friends and he sent a spirit after an ‘innocent’ girl to see if it would kill her. Someone in the group had a ‘conscience’ and the spell fell short of the goal.
I personally would not want to do that to an innocent person. They could have chose someone that did them wrong. Use them as the scapegoat.
To harm an innocent person would likely be BAD karma. I would not want that on me. (Baneful Magic, section on psionics and spiritual warfare.)
As David Hawkins says in a book, “It is best to take full responsibility for what happens to oneself.” And then… you can do to the other guy what ever seems just.
As far as poor people having shitty attitudes about everything. Oh come on man. That’s so true.
What pisses me off is that I can’t find a way to get way more than I need. The money shows up when needed. I know. I even had this ‘intuitive rush’ when I decided to go play a slot machine. Won 800 dollars. Paid off car insurance. Future pulling on the present in that situation, i’m assuming.
As far as getting 10 million dollars, well, I’ll keep my day job.

Karmas not real people (unless psychologically imposed like Lady Eva experienced)

Morals are not real

There is no moral hell, no moral heaven

You will not be rewarded or punished, now or after you die

No one is coming to save you and no one is coming to collect on any karmic dept

So the get fuck over it and deprogram. You’ll be happier for it.

karma, the Great Fraud

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The nature of the curse section in Baneful magic is the attempted killing description.

Yes I’ve read it, whats your point?

I had mentioned it in the psionics section. Just correcting myself as to the location.
By the way, great statement, “Get the fuck over it and deprogram.” Nice.

[quote=“Seeker, post:11, topic:1978”]Karmas not real people (unless psychologically imposed like Lady Eva experienced)

Morals are not real

There is no moral hell, no moral heaven

You will not be rewarded or punished, now or after you die

No one is coming to save you and no one is coming to collect on any karmic dept

So the get fuck over it and deprogram. You’ll be happier for it.

karma, the Great Fraud[/quote]

Seeker, you make some great points here. I agree with you 100%.
I also disagree with you 100%.
And somewhere in the midst of this paradox I find a mixture of what I agree and disagree with you about within & without.

Primarily, it is my juxtaposition that we all have our own inert morality. I’m not talking about the religious/politico BS. I’m talking about the morality that you have within you which may be different than the morality that I have.

Allow me to share an example. My father is like Ernest Hemmingway. He loves to kill great game. His specialty is to kill the North American type with one shot to the heart. I was raised in a family of hunters and from my earliest years I was around during their hunts. I’m not talking bambis here. My first clear recollection was when I was 4. My father shot a buffalo with his 30.6 bolt action. This beast was so large that a wrecker was brought in to haul the carcass out of the wilderness. He trained me to be an excellent shot as he was with the philosophy that it’s more humane to kill in just one shot than to make the animal suffer. Makes sense.

Between my father, my mother, my brother, and my uncles, aunties, & cousins, I witnessed a lot of kills for a young child not yet 5 years old. Yet, for every kill I witnessed in those early years, something didn’t set right within me. I didn’t judge the actions of my father and my family, it just wasn’t right within me to do that unless there was a real need, which I couldn’t justify that we had that need because we had everything that we needed.

My elderly father still hunts and I don’t judge him. What would be the point? His morality is his own, as mine is mine. I still have uncanny aim and precision which my daughter has also has inherited. Her first time on a shooting range, she shot 3 bulls eyes with her .22 semi-auto pistol in her first attempt.

But I fully agree with you on this point. So much of what people call their morality is actually the dogma that has been force fed down their throats. I, myself, am dealing with this issue now. There are a few people I would like to return the “favors” which they have dumped upon me, yet I’m struggling with the BS I acquired from decades of religious dogma which does nothing but tear at my insides like a ferocious lion trying to get out. And I know that once I let this lion out, I will be free.

I’m listening to Uncle Chuckie’s House of Mess right now. I’ve been poisoning myself with guilt and shame to keep myself from doing whatever I need to do to correct my problems.