Scanning Thread: Resurrection

Ok so I scanned you, I saw a man surfing on water, the feel I had was happiness and strength, like you were heading confidently towards your goals

Next I saw a huge bird and the sun, it felt like being free and happy

In the end I saw a tiger, which felt like it means strength and confidence in yourself

Oke finish my work in few hrs il do it back ty
Now you start to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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Does it resonate?

What kind of bird it was ? Black or any details :slight_smile:

White, with huge feathery wings

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Wasup? You still up for a trade? Btw is that Hekate or Lilith in your profile picture

Morrigan xD it’s me Anthony changed username , so did your scan , saw a frog standing in the rain , could be that you you are fit on the path you are right now in your own element , or simply you are a bit complacent , in your comfort zone , saw that water element should be a bit more a part of you or you have some association with it somehow , should read about it a bit and research , saw after that a bear , fierce and scarry looking , tried to scan it energy , came as reddish nothing unusual there , seems you are at the beginning more or less on your path , saw something about poison or danger , saw an snake MB you are self sabotaging yourself . Try to connect with your elemental energy guess , as I saw an elemental like this one images
He wasn’t air type bit more solid but had same vibe

Ever changing , rotating his body , that was weird not sure about the semnificance .

Overall saw lots of elementals related simbolism.

Looks like a Jinn, thanks for scanning

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Not sure what type of element was it smt with blue stone and water , MB smt you have an affinity for , guess just trust your intuition :slight_smile:

Any tips ? Wanna improve myself

Uuhhh I’m not sure how it resonates, try scanning more I guess, lol

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Can I please kindly get a scan?

Please and thank you, may I have a scan?

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Trade with me bro, I will scan you later, you start

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First I see a golden yellow light, then it goes to indigo then scarlet.
Between gold-yellow and indigo, I see a pair of closed eyes with long eyelashes, then some animal quickly appears and disappears, then the eyes open, revealing round red pupils.
The vision then fades.

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Remind me to scan you back if I forget

Best I can come up with is creative and astral energy, perhaps lust/baneful magick?
The eyes throw me, perhaps there is a lover or a person you dont care for, that solitary or combined could create better workings? The eyes spring open was also inferred tro me during a guided mediation on a deity of resurrection.