Scanning the godform

Is there any way i can get a scan, i haven’t scanned anyone yet so this is new to me

Hi can some one scan my godform? :slight_smile:

Yeah, go for it.

Still looking for a trade! :slight_smile:

@Micah , @Sha @saturnskin , anyone up for it? :slight_smile:

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ooh ooh! someone try me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im willing.

Can you scan me?

I’m asking the same to you. Can you scan me?

Can someone scan my godform curious if it corresponds with others testing a theory

can anyone scan my godform?i will trade back.

Do how does this work?

I see a large black snake it seems wise but somewhat indifferent to everything.

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Someone who scans my divinity? Please

Can anyone scan my godform?

Wanna trade?

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Hmmm. Would anyone like to scan me? I’ll do the same in return.

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Yeah, how does this work?


There’s a thread of this going on with trades

Can anyone scan me ? Not sure how to scan in trade but willing to learn.