Scanning the godform


Hiya! Anyone want to scan me? :slight_smile:


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Can someone please find out what my godform is? If you find info about multiple godforms, please share that too.


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My astral senses are weak so I can’t promise much, but I’ll try.


Big You is being presented to me as this odd creature with tendrils and parts of different plants and trees. The tendrils are more like giant roots it can take and give life through. I’d look into guys like Ningizzida and other gods of life and death. You seem to be related to the cycles of nature. At least that’s my understanding.

Have you taken an interest in shamanism?


Shamanism is one of the only things I’ve never learned. I’m very much about nature and the natural balance, so maybe I should. My mother was a Seminole tobbacco farmer so I’ve always hoped to travel and learn shamanism from my people.
The spirits I work with most are the ghede and Gran Bois.


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I’ll be home in about 2 hours, I’ll let you know what I can see.


Could someone scan for my godform, please?


Hiya! Anyone want to trade? :slight_smile:


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What I got of yours was a very clear image of a blue crow’s beak, followed by an empty-eyed blue crow’s head, attached to what appears to be an elongated butterfly’s Body. It’s kind of twisted and spotted around the center, like a worm or weird lizard, and has a fleshy color but texture like firm gas. It’s got three bat-like arms on either side, which attach to the surroundings and seem to help it move and manipulate the environment. It’s tucked away in its own perch, and by perch I mean fold in reality that seems to work like an invisibility cloak. It’s got a tail kind of like a pangolin, but the armor is white, and it ends in three glowing prongs that resemble a whale tail. I get a very sneaky impression here, like something beneath the surface that helps reality tick; like a ‘crossroads angel’ if that makes sense? It’s got a very subtle power, more like tides than waves, and has a distinctly Hecatean impression. It’s cold, but there’s a kind of ‘hidden fire’ to the pattern, like a generative source that emits waves and winds and forms stones more than blazes. I like this a lot! It’s like a cousin to Legba. :slight_smile:



When I observe you, I keep hearing “more than one way to skin a cat”. I get vibes that give off a phosphoric impression (Phosphorus, as in the deity that gave fire to men). You do have that “give knowledge to the downtrodden” vibe. You reveal all that is unseen. Is the torch a symbol of yours? I see this winged individual with a torch. Its a male.

It’s like you’re also Lucifer? Maybe even Yog-Sothoth(if so, honor to meet you, I practice with that current.
They’re like my immediate family) There seems to be 2 primary sides to your current. Trickster-Guide but not specifically limited to that.

All in all, you’re very interesting…


Hey you ever get to it @BokorTango


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Thank you! Good reading, especially you spot perfectly specific spirits energy and associations.

I don’t remember my all scans for you I had done before, so I just tell you everything I wrote out this evening in my scan journal.

Very specific energy, quite strange and alien, as if not really from this world. Feels old, almost ancient. Deep energy, absorbing and dark, but this isn’t darkness in the human sense nor typical energetic template. It’s really hard to describe it, it’s like a unique, old darkness (at the same time feels eternally new lol), born from itself as a new kind. It’s like the ancient, calm darkness with a very well developed creation ability, almost like a form of the nature of creator. There is some kind of cosmic energy, again with a different, alien sense. - it’s dispersed and forever in motion and creation. I feel connection to secrets, ancient knowledge and universal knowledge of a new kind, that has never been passed on to man and it’s really different. There is also association with the nature of destruction and creation, death and rebirth and eternal change. Especially it feels like comparing to creating new beginnings and bringing something new and better to the world.

Your godform feels quite amiable. Seems to be very balanced, calm and concentrated. It feels a bit like a calm, deep and infinite ocean of something I cannot say properly. I feel the main planet association could be a Moon or/and Uranus and element Water, but really, I cannot say for sure, cause it feels really specific, like I haven’t experienced this kind of being before.

I took the runes and your godform showed me these two- Uruz and Nauthiz. I feel it’s a message for you from him-

Uruz (primordial force) - freedom, power, passion, progress, courage, conquest.
connected with Nauthiz which means a destiny, searching for the essential through difficult lessons and solitude.

“I am not limited by anything, nor you”

Quite deep but calm voice. When I look into your godform, I see a dark, colorful starry sky at night. I see also something like a phoenix or strange, fiery bird on the background of stars. I can’t see your godform fully in a human form - I only see a hooded figure, wearing a long black cloak.

I felt all this perfectly and even more, but I cannot describe it, really. It’s a very specific, old being with a “deep” nature and aspects. Idk how to say it lol


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