Scanning the godform


only certain people will get that

but @noxlotus I get why you say that


Yeah, also a psychopoop, why not? :crazy_face::joy::joy::joy:


Wow, that’s an awesome reading! Well worth the wait!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Can some very generous soul scan my godform please


Hiya! Looking for another one. :slight_smile:

Anyone down?

@Sha @wolfinsheepsskin @Micah @Arcane


Can someone scan my godform please ?


I looked upon you energy for your god form…
He quickly revealed himself to me. He sat in a massive throne covered within flames.
He actually look like ghost rider to me but a bit more demonic and chaotic.
And personal for you.

You appeared somewhat like this. With your fist rested on your cheek just watching me.
I didn’t get to many details I took a quick look while I was grounding myself outside.


? want me to look again @LordVader


@wolfinsheepsskin if that’s not too much trouble🙂

I’d truly appreciate it


@wolfinsheepsskin is this possible to tap into the past lives through such scans ?

If it is possible can you please scan my past life instead of godform ? but of course if it’s possible and if it isn’t too difficult

Thank you🙂


I already know who my godform is, but I’d be interested to know in what form he will reveal himself to you.
Also, if instead you want to check out my previous lifetime, please do that (since I don’t remember anything about it).


Yes Ive read people’s past lives before… I can do this give me a minute.


Was that towards me? or just in general


To whoever is up to it I guess XD


I saw a blonde hair girl very cute… But she seem very sad, and depressed. She basically past away feel these emotions and that’s not a good thing for you…
But I also saw that this sadness and depression came from the loss of her mother to drugs and a loving father turned abusive after the mothers death.
She didn’t seem to involved in magikal things but she had a shit ton of deamons around her but ones she created through the sadness and darkness she felt.

Also I did decide to look at your godform as well too, but just a quick look. :joy:
And He appears to me as a gigantic black python.


Probably won get a response from anyone for awhile so I’ll give you a look as well…
The more practice the better.


Thanks then! I’m glad I can help you practice!



Sorry I didn’t get it who was the girl ?


Wait what :flushed::flushed::flushed:


The girl was you… It was a past life of yours.