Scanning the godform


It was a joke :joy::joy:… U would of known if u offended me.




that one wasn’t for you. I need a minute to get to you


Oh Ik but for some reason I still felt death from it… Maybe not.


anyways if its accurate let me know @thatrandomguy


Im a fun guy. I respect death, but that isn’t always a good party.


Interestingly enough crane means skull in french. And I have no idea, colors and a bird do not exactly give me much to go off of.

The death part seems good tho.


I thought of crows but you may be next so to speak, think about recent events.


gimme a sec to translate for you.


@thatrandomguy red and grey feel more accurate, which connects you to emotionlessness, war, destruction, fear, chaos and death.

transition comes to mind however I feel a more reaper like thing. the function of a scythe. the eye in a beak of a black bird.


more specifically, what about Set? or Anubis


I’ll scan in exchange of a scan on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am as sassy as that.


shall I take that as a no?


The start had the basic foundations right, the connections weren’t wrong technically, and the last part technically isn’t entirely wrong, but together it’s a really big jumbled mess that’s like saying paper is the same as a wooden nightstand because both are made of wood.


mind giving some pointers? I like learning.


pls and thank you


Don’t try to make something you can’t discern into anything, just take it at face value.

You’re focusing on the salient aspects, while thats not always bad, it can be useful to look deeper and in ways unrelated to what you’ve previously found, see it as its own thing basically.

Set and Anubis while they’re somewhat complimentary are mostly far apart. If you have to reach at that kind of range it’s usually best to try and find exactly what point in between it sits in.


saved and noted, thank you very much sir.


@Mr.Vulture I would actually say it is more like…a psychopomp deity.



I saw a misquito and ive been humourous ever since