Scanning the godform


I feel you may have a somehow connection with shamanism and tribal ritual magic. Am I right @Mapachtli ?


First, I’m terribly sorry for being late and that you had to wait so long, but lately I was terribly busy : /
I’m really sorry for that! : (

About the scan …
Your scan is very interesting and even correct with your general feeling of my godform. Wow, pretty good! I rarely see spiders as a symbol in my life but I feel it has some important reference.

Okay, here’s yours;
Generally - it’s very strange and I don’t know where to start … When I looked at your godfom I saw a dark space with unspecified, moving stars. It didn’t look like a natural cosmos, I’m not sure what it was really - it just looked like a dark, a bit chaotic (but quite beautiful) place beyond this reality. It was a very black background with stars in red/white/dark green/dark blue/light blue colors and few I cannot describe because they don’t exist (you cannot see them on palette of existing colors). After a short time I felt a presence, very specific and … curious? I saw a black dust in the “air” - it looked like a black cloud or really dense smoke. It approached me with curiosity - it seemed to me that it had green eyes but they blurred in the shadow. It’s presence was alien to me but familiar at the same time - quite dark and shadowy like darkness but … warm, more like an invitation to it’s arms. It’s really weird because it doesn’t remind me of any archetype of darkness that I know or have known before. It is not malicious nor deeply dark, it’s just it’s own. It feels creative, strangely old, open and curious, I think this being is a kind of a creator and dimensional traveler-spirit.

Have you ever felt alienated on earth? I have impression that you have come here because you wanted to experience reincarnation on this earth but generally you come from very far away.


I’ll bite, anyone want to take a peek?


can i have a scan?


Anyone wanna take a bite?


I’ll scan you all… :sweat_smile:


then by all means try. I invite you to do so. all who want to see may do so


im not getting anything yet than a few colors. give me time.



I literally saw you as white tiger when I focused upon your energies…
You ask who I am and I give you an explanation and I then ask if this was your true form.
You simply replied saying that u also had a humanoid transformation but preferred to roam as a tiger.
I also learned awhile back that The White Tiger is drawn to a soul that has a powerful sense of conviction and inner strength. Therefore, one who is blessed with this Power Totem will have strong ideas of what is “right” and “wrong,” and will stand by this personal belief system, even if that means leaping in the face of popular opinion.


@Mr.Vulture Well that was a first… :sweat_smile:
Instead of me see you do something I literally saw your godform emerge from outside of my mouth.
A massive swarm of moths form into and figure which was your godform and he presented himself and said yes I am the the godform or trueself of the one whom calls himself @Mr.Vulture.
We were in an entirely white area and we just stood across from eachother talking.
He also mentioned his power and that he was able to see past, present, future and even into other realms/dimensions.
We talked for awhile me just basically asking simple stuff and him doing the same to me.

Before I left though I asked if he had something to and he said, ”Wake Up”


Sorry for the late reply : /
Yep, Your godform is amazing and very specific in it’s own way. Seriously, when she looked at me, I saw the ancient world and deepest cosmic knowledge in her eyes, as you said. Fantastic experience - you should connect with her more often.

Your scan is pretty good! You were able to sense that it was Morrigan, lol.

Thank you for scan :heart:


You will be surprised to know that my animal is not the moth.


Nonetheless I’ll return your scan.


Really… ? @Mr.Vulture
I was wrong :scream:


Well the color scheme of the white tiger makes sense.

The totem part not so much but I chalk it down to the cons of using generalizations.

Overall I think you got the message just interpreted it weirdly.


Just like @thatrandomguy said, wrong totem good message.


Im a little rusty don’t beat me up…


Oh I’m not being mean, I’m just relaying feedback though I have a tendency to come off as strong 90% of the time in terms of how I say things.


Blue and white, swirling blue with violet eyes.

Overall a mixture of colors and delivering cycles and currently collecting, its gonna switch up your "roots’ to make something new for you for the next change.


I see blue, white, red and grey. some form of bird that’s indescernable. I think its a crane? shamanism came to mind along with the image of a medicine man dancing

when I asked if it had a message, I got depressed all the sudden. I think I know what will happen next. @thatrandomguy