Scanning the godform


anyone wanna scan me and PM me the results? :black_heart: :blush:


ok, I don’t need a scan(unless you wanna give me one, I mean I’m not complainin :wink:), but I would like to know how to perform a godform scan, is it any similar to a power scan(I also asked that already but no one answered :cry:)? as you can see I’m very curious.


I don’t know how to scan but it someone would scan me. I would appreciate it.


can someone scan my god form :joy:


@Becca I see an angelic like goddess but not entirely that… I see this being emanating a pale golden aura.
I saw a sun above your head which then later turned into a halo. A weapon forms within your left hand and appears to be a golden trident.
I start to get a ton of atlantean and aquatic vibes from you. Soft bells and a mellow flute played in the distance as I began to depart.
Upon leaving I saw you floating above a massive body of water.


Wassup with that…? @Becca
No reading in return


I’ve sent a message


Yeah, still looking for that scan, no luck on trades yet though so I’d rather get one first. :slight_smile:


we can trade… @Qayos


Hiya! I figured I’d return the gaze. :slight_smile:

I get a distinctly two-armed, four-legged impression off you, almost like a centaur but the bottom half is a weird gray-blue bubbly energy. There’s chitin and slime and spit, but not aggressively, your spidery-spindley arms are turning what sounds like a large leathery book on an old hollow podium. There’s purpose and caution with each turning of the page, I get a very librarian sense off the whole thing, but not like book curation more like constant examination and analysis. You’re in some sort of cave, with curious little algae-bugs circling around you and some trying to read what you are, but you prevent them. Four eyes, two blue one red one purple, and long, deliberate breaths that smell like spoiled cheese and old wine. Do you know Demeter at all? You seem a lot like her! :slight_smile:


I see a large slinder like being in all black with red eyes… This being had a skull upon its head which appeared to be a bulls skull.
Later this skull disappeared and I saw only a shaven head with red goggles on and still the same all black attire.
I hear hell-hounds around, you also seem to be clutching one next to you with a metal chain.

I would also like to mention this encounter was more of a stare off than anything. When I first approached you “godform” it looked at me in such a weird way… examining me I did the same.


Surely! :slight_smile:

Looking at you is interesting, it’s like seeing multiple people at the same time. It’s very atomic or classically elemental; that is, you’ve got a lot of yellowish-white fog goop that surrounds you like a bubble. Inside the bubble is an array connected by other concentrations and mixtures of the same thing, like you’re the liquid filling these vessels. There’s a lot of sideways tall dark towers that emerge around the vessels, like a city living through and as it’s populace. It’s got a very Diablo and Vex feeling, like sentient walls hidden among the clouds, but this seems to be more extremities. Digging deeper, there’s a white fetus-shape made out of reflective goop at the center of it all, radiating the other energies like lines from the sun, but sleeping- perhaps these are its dreams? I have the distinct impression that the truth hasn’t woken up yet, not for lack of trying but it takes time, like you’re going through the proceedings of being alive until you find the key to wake everything else up. This isn’t something you can control though, it seems more like a time thing that you need to work on or investigate. If you know the MtG card Child of Alara, you seem a lot like that, but sleeping and more high-end. Cool! :slight_smile:


Interesting! The few times I’ve heard other people talk about/encountered it, I get a very ‘stare long at the abyss and the abyss stares back’ sorta feeling to it. What names could be given to it? I have no idea! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :grin:
I’ll have to try drawing that now!
I’ve never worked with Demeter before but I’ll give it some research and maybe call her :slight_smile:


There was no name… Dont really feel this was the type of being that uses labels.
But I get the sense it’s the embodiment of chaos.


But that’s pretty accurate and exactly what’s going on right now. :joy:
When it all does unfold… OMG
That was actually a perfect reading. I feel as if mine wasn’t as up to par with yours lol.


Happy to help! Thanks for the sights! :):grinning:



Anyone looking to trade? I don’t need to know who it is, I need to know how close am I to becoming him?


Sure, I’ll bite


Pm it to me on discord?