Scanning the godform


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Yep. The Lord of the Forest


@Florry I can :sunflower:


@Florry I feel very deep energy, serious and old, like some cosmic or ancient energy. This is very mystical but in a strange way, like… individual and characteristic - it’s totally own mysticism created by your being. It’s even hard to describe because I have never felt such energy before. It’s something like powerful knowledge mixed with romanticism and power gained through many lives and incarnations. I cannot describe it differently. There is also pain but your godform has changed it to nature which allows her to develop in such conditions. I think that’s some past history of her spirit.

I saw a woman with pale skin and dark long hair. Her face was serious (a little angry expression) and she had something on the sides of her head that looked like a diadem of stars or very shiny pearls and stones combined with long silk material. She was sitting on the stone steps and a black panther with blue eyes lay next to her - she held it’s head on her lap. There was a small lake/portal at the bottom where the woman had her feet submerged in the water. Generally the sky was quite starry and there were ruins around.

She seems to be a Lady of Knowledge but this is at most one of her aspects, because she’s a very multifaceted being. I feel references to knowledge, secrets, counsels, inner power, inner sight but also I see more aggressive aspects like revenge and fight. She’s very confident and strong and she will not allow to refer without respect to her. She fought for it too long.

In astrological positions I sense mainly Moon and water element mixed with air.


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Definitely I felt dark, deep and heavy energy - it has a contrast, because outside it seems to be constant, disturbingly silent and very focused but inside it resembles a chaotic vortex that absorbs everything around and it’s getting worse. It feels like death energy mixed with parasitic destruction.
Energetically, it’s similar to Nergal essence or influence… but a bit different… still more deep.

I had clear visions - First I saw the black sea, where the water was literally pitch black and waves were swaying slightly. All the remains of ships or shards of the islands were sinking deep under the waters. Everything was dark and the sky was very cloudy. In the second vision I saw a black thin viper crawling out from under the pile of bones. Next to them were laying old and damaged books with different symbols (in one there was a circle with a dot in the middle and a cross at the top) They looked like they had been set on fire before.

I asked about physical appearance and I saw a dark wasteland, and a black, tall figure stood in the middle of it - it was covered with a long coat that fluttered a little in the wind. It had a quite large black wings with sharp tips, and feathers were not set close together. It seemed to me that I saw an interesting skull under the hood but I am not sure. I felt a little strange.

I think your godform is associated with death, destruction, chaos, parasitism/vampirism, vanishing, dark arts, illusion, influencing mind/thoughts and dreams - generally dream state and everything related to the underground (Creation of servitors also).

In astrological influences I sense Pluto/Mars with Saturn. In the elements I don’t see the basic element so I feel the Ether is the closest.


Sure! :slight_smile:

I sense a six-armed arachnid-person surrounded by twinkling underground rivers, recording things unseen and unspoken of through time. There’s a fine black stone all around, carved with circular indentations as if supposed to fit something. The top two arms terminate in hollow, reflective tips that ooze a yellow-green haze. The middle two arms are empty humanish hands with dark purple leathery skin and etchings into the palms, while the bottom two arms are similarly human but carry a porcupine-like polearm that seems to be made out of ancestral knowledge. I get the sense that you guard doorways covered by rock and hidden by vines, the protector of pits lost to memory and barely recognizable by time. You’re a part of something very old but human in design, like the contracted ancestor of a style of humanity. It’s very gargoyle-y! :slight_smile:


Can someone scan mine please? I’m alright at energy scans, but never done a godform before. So if anyone wants to trade, mine might not be accurate 100%


I’d like to be scanned, please. Thanks.


And now on the humorist side.
No not like this please.



Yes. Including Necromancy. He’s massive isn’t he? But smaller and more specific than his father.

Yes. And because I feel generous, I’ll tell you the elements. Water and Earth.

Yes. It was very alien wasn’t it?

As for you. There have been shifts lately, so I cannot say what is accurate and inaccurate. But the message for you, bluntly and simply put in: spiders. There’s a. Puzzle in front of you. The key lies with her

I’m also getting a vibe that I’m not supposed to know anything further, so I’ll respect that boundary.


Still looking to get scanned. :slight_smile:


Can trade if you like? Mine might nt be 100%, i’ve only done energy scans before. @Qayos


Surely! :slight_smile:

I have the vague impression of a cone-like ‘face’, maybe a drill, on a much smaller square body with rounded edges. The whole thing is emanating a bright, pale yellow light that obscures it’s features, but I hear the whizzing of gears and machinery, and smell saltwater tinted with something, perhaps rosemary or lavender? It doesn’t come across like it’s trying to hide, more that a lot of activity is going on at once in a lot of a different ways, and I get a sense of like those robot spider arms in hospitals in some sco-fi movies? One side is pale yellow light but the other is thick brown sludge with thin orange stripes at odd intervals, like someone made a weird chocolate shake and added things in as an afterthought. It comes across as very mixed and busy, like an industrial Aquarian being, and not very aware of that which lies outside of its influences. It’s hawkishly keen and ‘primed’ like its waiting for some kind of action to occur. I get the sense of feathers, less for flying and more for gliding though, like a living hang glider or robot fish. It’s very very at home in harbors and ports and ‘other extensions of man into the unknown’, so maybe frontiers? It’s also very ‘linear’, not in the limited sense but more like its finely drawn and strongly associated with line-like organisms like squids and worms, but that seems to have a strictly defined purpose here. Pretty interesting setup! :slight_smile:


This is Amazing, i have been working with ancient cosmic energy and i dont plan to stop. its cool that you picked up a panther because it is my totem animal lol. i have been through a lot now and in past lives bt i refuse to stop pushing forward and fight

Anyways here’s yours:

I see a hunched over woman i a midnight blue cloak, her skin is pale white and like a ghost or phantom. she is holding a staff and is leaning on it for support.

when focusing on her energy i feel like i cant breath and hear a chuckle scream, you know the one witches make in the movies? just like that but more intense. I smell lilys and fresh bread with some cinnamon. her energy is intense and dark kinda suffocating almost like she doesn’t know how to restrain herself or is showing off. i feel the morragin in her energy and death all around, there is also a crane and crow and an elephant with her, when i try to look in the background there is nothing but mist and black haze, i cant even see her standing on anything its almost like she is floating in the air or standing on something out of sight.

her whole life or lifes have been full of ruin and pain, but she is strong from it. she is strong and independent but seems to not know her plan but to get stronger. but she is also calm and slow moving, calculating her every move waiting for the perfect moment to strike. she is very powerful and just very old.

she cant be pinned down to one element or sign but i see a pull to Water and Venus

Im sorry it was so late


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I’ll do yours later on :slight_smile:


@wolfinsheepsskin i’ll trade with you, but i’ll only be returning later on if that’s okay?


A cow represents wealth and fertility, Morrigan’s Fae and Earth aspects Aine and Anu. The crow represents her as The Morrigan, the full embodiment of all her aspects.

I don’t know what that means to you but that’s what I got.


Looking at you is strange to me.
I have repeatedly seen a blacker than black, icey and cold void.