Scanning the godform


Wow that was amazing @Sha thank you so much for the scan

And it was very accurate because others who have scanned me in the past told me similar things


how do you perform a godform scan, how different is it from an energy scan? could i get a godform scan please?


Can someone read mine? :smile:


@Sha may you please scan my God form? Thank you!


Looking for reads! :slight_smile:


I’m very interested.


Shall I pm you?


Publicly is fine! :slight_smile:


Animal: Vulture and more
Fields of specialty: Necromancy, baneful magick, yin based practices, involving death in some form or another.
Colors: purple and black
Planets: Mars, Saturn

I have a question for you, that I want to ask privately… I’m stopping the public portion here.



That’s not a form, that’s qualities of resonance! :slight_smile:


Well yes, I just found somethings that intrigued me and i wanted that to be separated from this, because they were questions that no one here needs to know.

As for a specific appearance, you have the winged corpse we discussed in the past.

Also, think of gollum. But tall. Red eyes. Claws and vulture wings. And scary. Hunter of men.

Small note, you have a relationship with the void. That’s important.


Ha! I’m no hunter! It’s just always Halloween here. :slight_smile:

That’s kinda hilarious though- I don’t even scare people! I like humans. :slight_smile:


Anyways the question I pmd you is important.

Also if you could look into Giratina for me that would be fabulous.


That’s where we differ. I suppose I don’t hate them, I just find them stupid.

For example, people putting square lids on round containers.


Anyone else want to scan? :slight_smile:


I can take a glance.

I see the forest and a being that looks like Leszy. Harmonious energy, seems to control all the elements perfectly, close to the power of nature and natural, cyclical magic. I feel the smell of herbs so it’s probably related to natural medicine and healing too. He’s close to ritual magic, protection and it’s quite a folk spirit. He’s a watchman and keeper of harmony, he can also be a guide to other realms ans states of consciousness. A strong spirit for protection - he can protect people or places/given surroundings.
I see the bear as his animal especially.


@Qayos we can trade if you still want to.


I never heard of Leszy


Looks polish or Slavic


Ooooooh i remember now! It is slavic