Scandals in occult communities vs in churches

We see on the news every once in awhile this church pastor, priest, or religious politician (They’re all the same) is accused of some scandal like Rape or something. How often does that happen in the occult communities? I know the Satanic bible is against non-consensual sexual advances. I’m willing to acknowledge the occult attracts the same half-brained people who think they can do whatever they want if they reach a seat of power and authority. I can understand that others (usually new comers) can be put into a vulnerable position and not know any better. But how often do such scandals come up and what are the driving patterns?


I’m sure you can find a number of scandals in the occult community if you look hard enough xD I wouldn’t be surprised if there are experienced occultists that take advantage of their students in that manner.

Just because someone follows a certain lifestyle, it doesn’t mean they’re not going to commit such acts ever. There are always bad apples in every community.


The difference is that an occultist would be a lot more likely to be honest about what they want. An occult teacher might try to get sex from a student, but their path might not claim that to be immoral.
When the defacto leader of Evangelical Christians gets caught banging gay prostitutes, that’s a scandal. Satanists don’t get caught at all. They’re more likely to film it and sell it for more money so they can bang more prostitutes and sell more porn for more money…
“It’s like magic!”


Yep. It happens anywhere people give up their power to someone else. It is especially prevalent in spiritual paths because the founders and/or practitioners are seen as somehow spiritually “superior” to those outside of the faith/path. For example, many Westerners tend to be completely ignorant of how the guru system in the East works, and some Indian gurus have used it to their advantage, like the founder of Bikram yoga. In Eastern martial arts, the student/teacher relationship is sometimes a very intimate one, with the student living with the teacher and taking care of them, and it can be confusing to outsiders and lead to misunderstandings if a prospective student isn’t from a culture where a teacher is revered in such a way. Unscrupulous teachers have been known to take advantage of such “misunderstandings.”


I wouldn’t count on that. Anyone can lie.


The tibetan guy close to the dalai. Lama, was yesterday in news. Sex demansing. Beatings on sex, defecate in meetings on door open etc hes the second man of the dalai lama