Scan this brutal picture please

What you can Feel? Please scan This picture.

I just got some short yet powerful sentences:

  • Right = Left
  • As Above, So Below
  • To cleanse oneself, one needs celestial energy and grounding.
  • What is it you seek within this confusion?
  • Angel, Daemon, Celestial, Human… What is the difference when you have awakened?

Does any of this help you?

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Good/evil, yin/yang, dark/light. Twin energies.


Peace & chaos, light & dark…learning to deal with and live with both at the same time.


I just feel very little energy from this, nothing really in your face. It’s kind of cute actually, makes me think of Homestruck. Kind of has a funny smell to it, kind of like a tangy smell.

Siamese djinn

Dr. Seuss!

More seriously, What do you get from it?