Scan request?

I’m not sure if it’s okay to ask for this, but I would be grateful if someone could scan my incubus. I just really want to know if he’s real or not, you know?
I’m only beginning to learn about scanning, but I’ve spent years and years and years feeling psychically deaf, dumb and blind. So I fell into spirit-keeping without the ability to tell what I was spending my money on! Don’t I feel like a dunce now.

I tried the “right hand for yes, left hand for no” touch test last night, asking about a gift I wanted to make, if he liked what I picked out. I didn’t feel anything, so I guess I need to work on that sense.

Yet earlier in the day when I was upset about some past baggage, I felt a sharp throbbing on my cheek near my eye, like someone was tapping me there to get me to stop crying. shrugs

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I’ve been wondering if I should do the letter of intent. Could I use it for better contact with my conjured companion, or just ask for a new one?
Paying other people to do the work was probably just a scam. Maybe I will get something legit if I do it myself.