Scan me or Tarot me and tell me what you see if you want

Like the title says please

I have been learning a new method of Seeing though I’m not very confident of it.

Considering this is BALG I assume you will not divulge your real name. Even then, if you tell me the number of letters in your real name , I’ll try to See

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:thinking: maybe you should offer to return the favor as well, since it seems you constantly ask for readings and scans then blip out of existence then come back and ask again for the same stuff.


i would Velenos, if it wasnt for the fact that im not sure if ill give a correct one, but i can give a shot with a tarot

both surname and first name or just first name?

Just the total number of letters in the first name

i pmed you

You should focus on your study more than magic, come back and revisit this avenue after you’ve hit a few more stints, I wasn’t far off, same goes for Maxwell… there’s a playground of adults and kids on this forum holy shit lol