Scan for scan:

I have a competition coming up (online due to Covid) and need someone to help me pick which video I should upload (via divination so I know which one is most likely to win). I’d appreciate honesty and would prefer if a member with a lot of experience helps me out. No offense, this is important so I can’t afford major errors in the reading.

In return I’ll offer an intuition reading on anything besides which spirits you should work with and baneful questions. I will also draw 3 runes for you and interpret them to the best of my abilities.

Thank you in advance.

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Let’s do this

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I’m down. PM me👌🏼

Hey can I?


Can I scan you?


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im down to do a scan trade

Please be aware @pluto1 that, as a new member of this forum, you cannot offer scans outside of the dedicated scanning threads. It is a breach of the rule that prohibits offering of readings until a member has been relatively active for at least 90 days, and you have not. The dedicated threads are the only place you are allowed to scan.

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