Scan for free rune reading:

I’m not scanning back as I’m ill and I’ll be damned if I hurt any of you unintentionally. I’ll give you a past, present and future rune reading of anything besides the entity you work with or hexes.

For the scan I’d like to know why I feel so connected to Temujin (Genghis Khan). I know I had a Mongol past like as a solider but I want to know why my connection to Temujin is so strong. Maybe I was him lol.

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I can tarot it if you like?

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I’d appreciate we’ll do it when you free over pm??

i could try shufflemancy if you like? please pm me

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Yeah, just dm me the specific question.

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We can try a different question if you like

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I’m not so sure about it, but you seems to have a life in Eastern Turkic Khaganate. Also check on the northern part of South America.

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I’ll get back to you all when I’m out of hospital.

Till then any further responses will be ignored