Scan for entities

Hi, I’m asking anyone that may scan me to see if something is attacking me? For about a week now I sometimes feel like this energy pulsating on me it only happens right before I fall asleep I fight against it and bring myself back to normal. I’m writing this now because It just happened again and this time I feel I had to fight harder to keep control. I bought a black tourmaline and have done the LBR but apparently it is not enough.
If anyone can help me I would be incredibly grateful.

What do you think might happen if you lose control? Could also be something you created rather than an actual attack.

Have you pissed off any magicians?

No, I stay to myself. And how would I make something that would affect me this way?
And that’s what upsets me is the not knowing, I don’t know what would happen if I let myself go when I feel that energy coming at me.

You can subconciously create negative thoughtforms from strong emotional states.


Any advice to get rid of the thought forms?
Maybe I need to ground more.


I just let it hit me really. Whatever I create, I control. Therefore, whatever is created out of fear I can utilize for myself.
Best course of action is to breathe in positive energy and do more meditation. If it’s just fear, then confront the fear