Scamp spirits following me around

I think there’s a low level demon like an imp or something near me. I was twirling my butterfly knife and I dropped it, nearly slicing my foot. I heard some giggling once it dropped… Haha little fuckers. It wouldn’t surprise me if it influenced me dropping my blade!

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Why does that sound like something I’d laugh at?

BTW I received a sigil in my mind’s eye when I read your maalath (spelling?) Thread. Let me fetch it…

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Hahaha to be honest I was reminded of you when I heard the laughter :joy::joy:. But the aura was too faint to be you


Does the energy from this sigil connect with Ma’alths?

Idk maalath. I couldn’t say. It was specifically after I read Israel’s comment.

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Ok now I found that very funny. You good at using Butterfly Knives as a fighting style?

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Not at all just started haha😁