hi im sorry there are to many scammer i been scammed over and over is there and language oattern or lie detection method demon divination method clarivoyance method supernatural ir less supernatural method to know fake fron real be it healt altenative nedicine or be it magicans who are fake how do you know who is fake thex put on goid mask i was been lied to for six month repetdetly either im dump or they are soo good i dobt wanba this happen ever again please help


You’re gonna have to explain more.

what do you want to know ?

i meet a scammer who supposedly ment to heal me whit help of alien assistance which he didnt do he was clarivoyant and remote wiewer but when i asked him where i live show me xour gift he replyed i dobt play that games also he was supposed to cut sone ugly cords which he didnt di whit angels he is suppised to be a madon which he isnt and called me a agent and block me when i told him about what i know abozt occult he god scared and flee from me

i losed visualisation so i been reaching ot for elft but dosnt cut it im reaching out for reiki master to do something about it i need permenat renoval of soul cord white tingy from my soul

i mean eft

This isn’t a review site or a site for customers to talk about their experiences with other magicians, this is a forum for people who are learning magick and focused on ascent in ways that are primarily around, or in harmony with, the kinds of things BALG distribute and teach.

Please seek out a dedicated review site or a forum that has a marketplace for this kind of stuff, leaving it to run on here opens up to having threads of reviews, and that would encourage marketing and then spammers and outright chaos.

Cheers! :thumbsup: