Scam warning from the Wild Hunt

Here is an article that I want to share about a really creepy scam. i’m thinking people would like to know.

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Saying scam and giving links make me nervous. @Lady_Eva

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Cheers! I took a look, looks okay, maybe a bit off topic but I’d never heard of it before.

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@demeter if you can include a bit about any link you post in future, that will help, people don’t just automatically click stuff and sadly we do attract various scammers, trolls, all kinds from time to time. :+1:

The meat of it seems to be the call for a hex on the perps, it’s this fucked up virtual kidnapping thing Mexico is enriching Americans with.

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Oh, I’m sorry for the confusion. “The Wild Hunt” is a not for profit daily pagan newsletter. The article is about a long time witch who received a scam via her phone and she is warning people to watch out for this type of thing and also asking the community for moral support. She is NOT asking for any money.


I will vouch for this. The Wild Hunt is a legit site.