Saying thank you to everyone

Good morning my family. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who read my post on the recent topic "Plans for full moon tomorrow "… In which I advised I was going to be sitting in my circle casting with father Satan protection for my son Mason… And then responded with offerings to help protect him. Mason and I are coming to a close with this journey but are still casting for protection for this week where we will be on the road and need safe and uninterrupted travels. At this moment more than anything else we need help with the most important element of this journey and are asking the family and father Satan to cast a positive result for an epo to be put in place to help protect Mason. An epo is an emergency protective order issued by a judge in San Angelo… to help keep him safe with me until cps can investigate the wrong doings of those other people. Thank you so much for your time with helping us and look forward to hearing from you. Take care… Sincerely, Keith P.S. I’ve uploaded Mason’s recent first contact letter to us… for all family and friends to read. Please share… and ask anyone who can help to provide my son the elements he deserves to be safe and free of this suffering caused by others. I will continue to update my family here.