Saying hi..:-)

I am new here and actually a newb to magick but somehow I ‘found’ my way here so I am doing something right?..:slight_smile:

I am bummed right now because I bought the Living God e-book and it seems my provider corrupts the files so I am not allowed access…did anyone else have this problem by chance? Regardless, I will find away to apprentice with EA…putting aside the funds to order the set coming out and I am going to find a way to manifest the funds for a personal consultation too! I have goals!!

Is there by chance anyone here from Phoenix AZ? I am feeling quite alone here on my quest. I am a 50 year old female and none of my ‘friends’ would understand any of this, let alone support it…not that I have many friends…pretty much a loner most of my life…but it sure would be nice to have someone to share all of this with…

Anyway, I just wanted to get comfortable here and not feel like a voyeur or a stalker by not making myself visible…I have a gazillion questions but each day I am reading and learning and trying to get a feel for what I am ‘guided’ to find…strange intense dreams lately that tell me I am on the right track…:wink:

Ok before y’all fall asleep reading I will just conclude this introduction by saying “really happy to be here!!” :smiley:

Hi there Phoenix, welcome to the forums!!
Dont worry about feeling alone in your quest, I think most people who are into this stuff have felt the same...also a loner most of my life, and the ironic thing is, after years and years of feeling that way and feeling bad about it, I just now dont give a shit about it…I have a pretty busy life and I think if I had more people around me it would interfiere with having time to do the things I like-enjoy-I`m interested in.