Saying Hello to Belial

I went a couple days without my usual meditation, energy work, aura housekeeping, and trying to sit quietly with any friendly, non-parasitic spirit who might want to stop by. Usually, that’s me saying hello to Lucifer, Satan, or Saturn as he’s my birthcharrt ruler. Very, very light, I know. That’s not summoning or evoking proper–I’m new to all this, and it gets a little overwhelming.

I usually feel like shit if I go more than one day without doing any of that.

Today, I decided I would say hello to Belial, just out of the blue. Introduce myself before diving into evocation.

Nothing really unusual to report there. He didn’t manifest or anything. I did feel a tad different, though. I asked for energy like I usually do, and it felt heavier, a little more oompf. My breathing slowed more than normal. And finally I felt more of a gentle “wash” over me. I did get a little nervous. I found I had the concentration to experiment some more with energy, and the healing energy I’m sending to a couple more friends felt better.

So that’s really it, as far as introducing myself to him. I said a quiet “Hello, I’m M,” and as far as I can tell he just kind of said it back.

Will definitely get deeper into it.

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Hi there

Saying hello to a spirit is absolutely fine. You don’t always have to evoke/invoke. I don’t do ceremonial magic as I can’t relate to it. My way is more like I did invoke Belial and Lucifer. Connect to my choice of spirit from time to time…converse using automatic writing, tarot/oracle cards and telepathy. I receive their messages…sometimes they can be quiet or I am bot receptive enough cause’ I have a busy life. That’s what I prefer…and it has been a beneficial experience so far. Work on your strengthening your physic senses to connect with them better. You may be having one or two physic senses that work for you already…if its so…enhance them more. Some people are clairvoyant…some are clairsentient …some can be clairaudient…most of us have a couple of these abilities. So your saying Hello worked…Belial does have a heavy…energy that can make one nervous… It seems intimidating. But can also feel warm and protective. All the best on your journey into magick.

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Thank you so much for this!! It’s very encouraging! What methods do you suggest for heightening clairs? I’m more of a feeler and power so far, but those can use some work.

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You’re welcome😊. Well…nice to know…cause’ I also feel…this physic ability is calirsentience. I also have circumstance and have developed some clairaudience. I am working on clairvoyance. So… There are many ways to enhance these abilities… I will list some - 1.meditating daily for atleast 15-20 mins… Quietening your mind, 2.feeling energy of objects, people, places, 3. Asking your spirit guides for messages, signs, symbols and the like…to connect with them, 4. Journaling your thoughts, feelings…don’t filter anything…let it all flow, 5. Visualization technique - close your eyes…don’t force thoughts…but let them flow…what do you see…let your mind show you images, visuals…then write them in your journal, 6. Try reading tarot/oracle cards without using the guidebook…what do you see or feel when you look at a card…write it all down…make your own tarot notebook…you can also try runes.
These are just some of the ways to sharpen your physic senses. All the best :+1:t2:


Great advice, thank you.

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Looking forward to more of your entries! BelovedBel had already shared good words of advice, so I won’t spew another novel like I usually do lol. What I can add though is that King Belial is usually extremely responsive so you can definitely say “hi” and converse with him immediately about the things you want to do/say.

The real question here lies in what you will do with his energy and presence now in your life. Will you use it to take a good hard look at yourself and make the necessary changes/adjustments? Or waste it, let it pass you by because it’s too much? I remember one of the first words he told me was, “It was never a matter of getting my attention. You’ve always had it. The question is, what are you going to do about it?”

A harsh teacher but definitely worth it. Do keep us updated on how it goes, OP!