Say demonic Incantation while carrying angelic seals

I said demonic incantation while I was carry angelic seal in my pocket and I felt instantly by movement on my body as movement of ant from yesterday to now …what should I do now…I want to make seals still work for me and demons incantations and seals still work for me …and in safe .
angelic seal: Qaballistic invocation of solomon wrapped by thread as a seal
and I was carry demonic seal contain : amantish dolikoh servantlis janta karnta
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So you had an angelic seal on you, said a demonic chant and had results. I don’t know what exactly were you expecting, but if you felt a difference I’ll assume you had results. And what do you want now?


Hmmm i banish regularly everything what christian or muslim influence might have. Burn that crap Cut it to pieces throw it there where lot of people step on it like garbage and so on. You should really decide for one and work with it but not too much mixing.

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I want to make sure that everything is fine and continues normal

You’re in the Occult. You never know and no one can guarantee to you that everything will be fine and its definitely not “normal” :woman_shrugging:


Perfectly said… of course it didn’t let me quote :joy::rofl:

It shouldn’t make a difference. There are plenty here who work with both Angelic and Demonic forces and have no issues. The two do not conflict one another. I have also called on both Angels and Demons at the same time without any issue. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

I concur with the above. You should be fine. A demonic incantation will not affect an angelic seal, or vice versa. The only exception would be if the seal was for repelling demonic influence, in which case, it would block the effect of the incantation.