Saw somehing with spirit sight

and have no clue what It was.

I have been working on my ST and AP exercise abit. I remember dreaming but when I woke up this morning, I saw a when looked like some celtic designed circle with a face or a scarab inside it.

it was hard to tell, I saw both with my eyes opened and closed, if I focused on it, it faded out and if I relaxed saw it better, but it was still fuzzy.

It appeared as a silhouette, and the only thing I could make out where those celtic curves that are commonly used in art and designs. they spiraled into the beareded face or scarab. I couldn’t tell which it was.

at first I thought I was imagining it but I wasn’t. and I have no idea what I saw really. Would anyone have any advice on this?

Hmm was there any green or golden colours involved? i remeber seeing such things, and a spiraling thing + scarab too.

couldn’t tell. I guess it looked dark green gold. mostly metalic

Okay hmm, because i saw some spiraling thing with gold and green it it like on some kind of crown, but looked more like ehh button of a jacket or pin or something. Then a pharaoh and a scarab. Hmm, i don’t know if these mean anything.