Saw Some Weird Lights and Felt Overwhelmed

This happened to me a few minutes ago.

As I was walking up to my apartment building, something caught my eye. I thought I saw a star “falling”. I then noticed three strange blinking lights in the sky. I knew they weren’t stars, because stars wouldn’t “blink” like they did, and they were too low in the sky, so I assumed they were planes. But the longer I looked, the more I wasn’t sure. I went to my apartment balcony to get a better look.

I saw that these lights, though distant, weren’t even moving. I wondered if they were lights from radio towers or something, but if they were, they’d be brighter and I would have known what they were a long time ago. I would have taken a picture, except they were bright enough to be caught on camera and my phone camera doesn’t take good pictures in the dark anyway.

As I stared, trying to figure out what they were, I saw words flash across my mind: “The sky is a wall”. Immediately after, my visual perception of the sky changed. I’m not sure how to describe it; I always saw the sky as a sort of “dome” we could pass through. But in that moment, it felt fake. It was almost as if the sky had been painted on and the stars were just little ceiling lights. I started to feel overwhelmed, like I was on the verge of discovering a huge secret that would destroy my mind. I had to go back inside.

What the hell just happened? Am I having one of those “magician phases” where I lose my mind for a bit? A glitch in the matrix (so to speak)? Is anyone else seeing weird lights?

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What I find funny is that your choice of words is not too different from what someone in this forum said in the past of “waiting for the paint to dry…” Sounds to me more like you were channeling energy/psychic thoughts from somewhere someone else.

So I was with a friend on vacation down South and there was this one night where we saw a light in the sky above the Hill. It just hovered there all night. We called it in and there was nothing scheduled. We settled on the fact that it may have been a Drone used for utility purposes.

This reminded me of a dream you mentioned about being pulled into another dimension, but then not having enough energy. As far as symbolic dream interpretations the ability to be able to pass through are Reliant on a number of factors, some of which you do not control meaning you may not always be able to pass through at Will, because it involves at least one more Will and other certain “things.” This is what I recieved through intuition.

Be more descriptive. In what way did you feel Overwhelmed? Why would your mind be destroyed?

Maybe to pass to the other side, another reality, you have to lose something you can gain something and you have to be willing to give it up, make the exchange. One of the techniques in Dimensional Traveling requires that you give up a Body Sleeve which may affect a number of things: Memories, Awareness, Thought Processes, different energetic configurations. You can think of it as an entire Lifestyle change including the people you surround yourself with, which up to and includes their own Configurations which validates your presence in that other Dimension, that different Physical Space and Event which is much different to where you reside now.

Yes. In dimensional traveling there is a Glitch Process where you have to lose yourself. A bit of advice, you are “maybe” experiencing this from another source but I cannot be too sure since I don’t know your practices. My words, you can only do so much yourself, at which point you have to attain the Consent of 1 or more from the other side before stepping to the other side. Attempting to go the route of psychic manipulation of certain individuals that show to be resistant (bullish) is not recommended and Counter-Productive, so whatever practices you employ keep this in mind when in relation to Dimensional Traveling as there are reasoning why things work this way.


I didn’t even consider the possibility of drones.

If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, then I need to say it wasn’t a dream.

I felt scared. My survival instincts were kicking in. I felt like if I dwelled on the sky being a wall, my mind was going to break and it would kill me.