Saw King Paimon's Sigil in a dream/Strange Waking Occurance

The night before last I had the strangest lucid dream and I’m still wondering where it was that I visited. I was in a place that looked like a Hawaiian island. Part of the land was lush and green with the sea in the background while other parts were brand new black earth flowing with lava streams. The lava was coming within a few feet of me but never touched me. In the sky, which was an odd color, there were bursts of fire that would come out of nowhere but helicopters would appears to put the flames out in the sky. There was a large “Hawaiian” lodge style house in front of me that was made of beautiful, black wood, it wasn’t my house but I knew I was a guest there. Suddenly I was standing inside the house on the first floor and the room was a huge gallery and the ceiling vaulted up very high with lots of sky lights. There was a man who came to stand in front of me…He was very tall and I could only see the man’s chest area and part of his arms–I couldn’t seem to be able to look up into the man’s face. He held out both arms to me like to come to him and as he reached out his arms to me, I looked at his left inner forearm, near the inside elbow region and there was a large sigil of King Paimon that was surrounded by a circle. The sigil didn’t look like the one that is commonly seen and it wasn’t like the one from 'Demons of Magick" but closer to that one. The sigil wasn’t just a tattoo–it was glowing with red and gold colors and the outer circle was moving in a circle. There were golden sparks that would fly up out of the sigil and circle and little tiny snake like points of electricity that were coming out of the symbol. I was transfixed, couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Then I woke up suddenly and it took me a moment to know where I was.
So today I was thinking about King Paimon and how I need to purposely make the time to formally evoke Him and share wine again. I happened to go to a new place for lunch that I hadn’t thought of going to before because it’s a nice sit down restaurant. So I’m waiting for my order, meditating on King Paimon and right behind me I hear this loud (CLICK CLUCK) you know the sound the girl in HEREDITY made with her tongue? It was a server that made that noise. and I thought this is strange–just a coincidence…then the server comes back in the room and makes a fast succession of 5 or 6 of those tongue clicks. Another server asked her “what are you doing?” because it’s not the sort of place servers go around making strange noises! and the server said “I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I WAS DOING THAT!!”
I sat there floored. Am I out of my mind? Or was that some sort of communication that happened for a reason for me?
The former me would be frightened, but now I’m not, I’m fascinated and happy.


In my dream, I saw a black wooden house and outside there were costumes set up to look like men outside. They were standing up. One costume held up a picture that had King Paimon’s sigil on it, and I stopped and looked up into the window and then pointed at the painting and said “that is King Paimon”
The area I was in during my dream was very tropical, it was supposed to be my neighborhood in Florida but it looked much different.
I thought it was interesting that we both experienced a tropical area, a black wooden house, and his sigil.