Saturn's Rings

“He has discovered how the rings are being formed by emissions emerging from gigantic electromagnetic vehicles (EMV’s), controlled by 7ft dark skinned Extraterretrials.”


“The Infernal Empire can be accessed through the moon in the dark ring of Saturn.” -Azazel, page 76 from “The Book of Azazel”.

That is SO fucking awesome.

I have no doubt this solar system is thriving with life. Many spirits have confirmed this for me…not to mention I’ve seen alot of strange shit in my life.

Of course they would make their alliances with Saturn, the great tester…the realm of victory through tribulation, where Gods themselves are tested and forged.

Man are we in for a fucking awesome next 2,000 years in the age of Aquarius. Just think, we’re just at the beginning of the information age, and all of the bullshit humanity has endured for thousands of years is coming to it’s final culmination…it’s final crescendo is here, where mankind finally rises over it’s masters. We are shedding our collective skin to become what we are destined to be.

To much Star Wars? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I’m on to something…

((—edit— I’m reminded of being obsessed with Star Wars & ShadowRun Books as a kid. The ShadowRun series, started in the 1980’s I believe, focused around a quasi-futuristic 21st century where magic returned to the earth, the technology exploded, the ‘grid’ could be plugged into by ‘deckers’ much like the internet of today, but it could also be wired directly to the brain. It was filled with Grimoires, magick, technology, and all kinds of shit we’re just starting to get into today. Lol, just had to through that in, I feel that’s another piece of the puzzle…whoever wrote those fucking books was into the occult, maybe alien?..I may have to look into that!!!))