Saturnian Necromancy

Hello does anybody know how to get a Shade familiar spirit? Not one of a dead guy but The ones that call you master. And you feed it. I don’t have the resources to go grave robbing but maybe point me to the right death god :skull:no egregors, if it can be helped. Thank you


I would say that is a servitor you are talking about. But you say no servitors or egregors. If it isn’t a familiar then what would it be?

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I watched a pod cast with Nate and Dante and they talked about the subject I said no egregors cause to me that’s a waste of time. But a real shade/spirit that feeds off me and calls me master sounds fucking sweet. Servitor would do I’ll fix that.

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:unamused: there’s nothing on the search forum people

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Thankful i must have overlooked it

Is this the main reason you want one?

whats exactly is Saturnian about this?

Look into “Charnel Whispers” it has some useful infornation on this subject.