Saturnian Key of Agiel

Look guys I am very much in the learning and development stage of magick but this morning I felt something odd in my meditation. I saw this triangle with a pentagram above it in my inner vision.

I have never seen anything in my mind before so I simply asked “what is this?”
A small voice said it is a key to saturnian power and it acts as a way to unlock more access into saturnian work. I already had a sigil of Agiel I have been trying to use without much luck. The voice said I can add my sigil to the key and use it to call Agiel easier.
I followed my intuition and pulled out my jar of Full moon water I made on the Pink Super Moon and consecrated the key with it and my blood.
Im not always sure why I feel the need to do certain things but I simply go with it.
If anyone has seen anything similar to this let me know because to my knowledge it came out of nowhere.

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And did it establish the contact with Agiel?

Agiel is my guardian angel so contact has already been made but this is supposed to increase it some how… But yes it did.

Okay. Good for you. Because you wrote that you had been using the seal without much luck.

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The normal sigil that is said to be used for him for whatever reason never felt very “alive” for lack of a better term. Not like other sigils I use. I’ve consecrated this one as a gateway to Agiel and I believe it will act as a deeper connection.

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