Saturn, the terrible

In so much i haver read astrology never seen it in a short way how you have explained very logic way. But i think this is also to with blind chart reading. To understand how each house or planets works for each ascedants. And thats what i also was trying to learn but nobody almost gives this course.

Hi. Can you please talk me about saturn in the 12th house, please?

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He said that Saturn in 12th is good.

Please use the sidereal system to know exactly where your Saturn is

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THIS! It makes a huge difference in your reading accuracy.

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@Araes are you married ? Or in a serious relationship?

Does your partner usually tell you « I don’t know in what kind of family you come from » ?

Yes I am happily married with 21 years of marriage, but it is something that she never asked me.

This is what I get with sideral system.