Saturn, Senor La Muerte, Qayin synchronicity

As some of you may know i am a devotee of Saturn and have been for some time. but recently i have been drawn to adding Qayin to my practice and have noticed some surface level simularity. upon asking a friend of mine who works with him what i good source is he directed me to Liber Falxifer I and II which luckily enough ive had PDFs of for quite some time. upon beginning to read this it became known to me that the first book goes into detail about SLM, a topic i have been interested in but never knew where to look. this has only lead to me noticing similarities between Saturn and SLM like the fact they both are scythebearers who accept offerings of tobacco and deal with death. also that Payes which are made out of lead are extremely potent and that words like “Saturnine stream” and them stating that Saturday is saturns day in liber falxifer is common. i have yet to go too far into qayin but i have noticed their images are somewhat similar and the sigil of qayin is very similar to Saturns planetary symbol. i believe these three deities will be beneficial to me if worked with simultaneously considering they embody death in different aspects but if anyone has anything else to add about their similarities or explaining it i would really appreciate it


Qayin and the spirits of that current are incredibly powerful. The things they taught me have forever changed my magick. Can’t reccomend Him and his legions enough! Salve Qayin Rex Mortis!

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