Saturn rising and S. Ben Qayin

howsy all, i know it’s been a while but i’ve been busy peomoting Saturn Rising and with writing my new book. the ultra-special editions are out and look snazzy as hell if anyone wants to google “saturn rising” just for fun, and to see the totally over-the-too deaigns (seriously, i mean, hand-painted gold peacock feather paper covers and a hardwood box enclosure? LOL!!

anyway, there’s also something that i found rather distasteful, and without saying any more on it, i will quote the communique in full, below. it was sent by S. Ben Qayin to someone i am vaguely acquainted with on facebook (who happens to be a real nice guy, divorced and homeless, and suffering from… i think it was… bowel cancer and crohn’s disease. i can’t verify that last part, but it seems legit. anyway, here’s what S. Ben Qayin emailes to him just a day or two ago. this is the full message in its entirety, so Ben Qayin should have no problem standing by what he said, and supporting his having sent the measage in the first placeZ i will neither condemn nor praise, save to say that i felt it rather unkind, and not what i would have expected from a supposedly enlightened magician.

moreover, this should in no way reflect on EA, as i’m sure he had nothing to do with it, and i still intend to buy stuff from BALG like the universal circle etc. so, make of this what you will…


quit begging online for money and get a fucking job!!

its atrocious that you beg for charity and probably get it from the kindest of people. But then you leaf a crazy ass life style. Booze it up. And worst of all you won’t or can’t even keep a simple job.

you are a pitiful excuse for a human. Get a job, get a life and quit being a bum faking hard times and illnesses. You are such a parasite.

Do yourself and everyone a favor and get a life… Or end yours.

Keep it real bitch
Ben Qayin

[email protected]

i can only imagine that S. Ben Qayin is proud of this communique, that he fully endorses its content and would, presumably, continue to do so. if this is the case, then i sincerely hope that sending this message gratified him as much as i know it hurt the person who received it. personally, i wouldn’t have done aomething like this, but that’s just my personal point of view. any thoughts from others?

if anyone’s interested in my facebook reply i’d be happy to copy it here. i’m not trying to start shit between people, of course, but merely pointing out how shitty people can be, given the chance.

so, again, make of it what you will. (and remember to google “saturn risin
g” dor the totally wicked pictures of the ultra special esition of my book:P

kind regards, Tj.

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I’ve read his books, he’s just another wanker. A long winded, undisciplined, chaote. Just part of balg for the spook and cash factor. EA’s gotta give em what they want!

Your book looks pretty good, I have it on my personal wish list but lack the funds at the moment.

What the actual fuck?

You come on here to combine promoting your own book, and quoting an e-mail to make another professional magician look bad at the same time, in the same post - frankly, it’s very hard not to see a link here.

We have only your word for the guy’s circumstances, about which you seem pretty vague, and the background for why SBQ accused him of being a drunk, and because of that, this looks awfully like playground gossip to me.

What also baffles me is why the hell is your guy bugging a black magician to give him free work, instead of learning healing methods from the multitude of forums that will freely teach those things, and also freely send healing because that’s their whole value system in life. But whatever.

I’m locking this thread, not going to remove it because then you’ll no doubt bitch about censorship, but just remember whose forum this is, who pays the hosting etc - when the Saturn Rising forum goes live with hundreds of members, post whatever e-mails you want on there.

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