Saturn Ascends


after some thought, I have an idea(s) that I would like to put out to the world.

Like some of you that will read this, I am a member of a few forums that operate the search engines of our web of information. Most people who frequent these forums I have much respect for, others I would not let them pay me to mow my grass. Im sure to some of you i fall into the latter.

The theme of this forum is become a living god. Just the mentioning of this topic would bring people like us to the gallows. Which does not suprise me because we were in those days not too long ago. Yet we people like us have the mind frame to jump start the consciousness of our world light years of where we currently exist on our plane of consciousness. Our current level of humanity is bullshit, there are probably only a handfull that actually has done the homework to know what type of species we are. Yet this is hush hush.

The potential of this site is revealing information to the world that is not really new but explained in a way that has no minimal blinds (if any?). It just what we are as humans, yet this type of information is not taught in schools and is generally brushed off in fear or skepticisim. So how are people like us not running this world OPENLY? I do not see world leaders posting on twitter that they are going on a weekend retreat to open their third eye before their trip to negotiate peace treaties to keep the stupid monkeys at bay. Not to mention in my country we just elected a president who’s former oponent was a god fearing mormon who embraces the suppression of human consciounessness, and other taboos that would disband his comfort zone. In between this election I am flooded with commercials that has no problem telling me that I have something wrong with me and would gladly charge me for a pill to “get right”. (did any of these guys ever read Crowley’s Amrita?)

So I do research to inform myself, only to come across pious elitest that will lead you to the blinds of grimoires because of their traditional view. Or someone who will rob you blind to keep their power. or has acheived a sphere of initiation that is beyond most humans, and yet they work at walmart?

So I find information that tells me that I can become I can become a god. I am not talking shit on our host or anyone that makes a living at magickal service. People like that help more people in a day, than I have in my lifetime. However, we are not taken seriously. If I never anything about magick and came across the new age section or this website, I would not be interested to inform myself and gladly stick to my mundane world. Most people will say fuck em, I am going to gain power and do my thing. Well these people are your neighbors and some of them hold high offices that help govern you. So how do you teach an old dog new tricks without becoming a rehash of the Third Reich, or some fucked up nutcase. Crowley had a hard time, hitler was murdered, leary was deemed a nut case, religious folks scare any hopes of progression. Scholars cannot remove their ego out of the way to agree on anything (espicially Egyptologist)

I can sum up this rant by saying this: we are all here because we are searching for something, whatever that may be. I can also assume that we are here to find something sacred. We all want to enhance our world, human nature. When we take out our education, wants and needs, we just exist. You can get that existance and the modest price of $----. Therefore its safe to say that survival is really our only friend. Most valuable item you are looking for. This means getting that without the expectation of handouts.

This does not mean that I am proficent at magick. I work so hard for minimal results only to wake up to go to a job that I hate and spend my sense of value for possessions I can barely afford. Seriously, I cannot even predict tonights lottery numbers.

Today is my birthday, saturn ascends only to come around once again. I am posting this because I reflect my progress on this day every year. Maybe my words have inspired someone? Or they have evoked an emotion thought that you would like to share. Or you can tell me fuck off? I dont care. These are my thought to throw out into the collective.

The floor is yours…


I don’t mean to trivialize your post, but the age-old advice applies: to change the world, change yourself. And if it is your aim to bring others closer to godhood, you need to have some idea of how you will get there yourself. You see all of this awe around you, and you wonder why others would just disregard it. It’s because they simply aren’t there yet, they aren’t ready.


The existence of the leader who is wise
is barely known to those he leads.
He acts without unnecessary speech,
so that the people say,
“It happened of its own accord”.

Dao De Jing - Lao Tzu

I don’t really want to rule the world, I’d like it to be a better place yes and I work through my own action to make so, but do I want to waste my time managing the lives of other people when I could be enjoying my time here? especially on a plane which I believe only represents an early stage of my existence?

Like E.A. I believe it is my Dharma to assist people on their journey to enlightenment, although in an entirely different way than he does. Imagine my frustration to discover I can’t even teach “by force” those who are meant to be closest to me and should by all rights pay close attention to my lessons. I spoke to many mystics before I began to awake and it all washed over my head, now I stay in stillness until I see a flower about to bloom and give my attention where it will have impact.