Saturday love spell advice

Hello,i need some advice plz i must do a love spell,i knw its Saturday bla-bla-bla, but i cnt waite till monday&Tuesday,u imputs,?

99% of people get laid most on Satruday so stop even letting that worry you!

No other advice because I was crap at love spells but think of all the people in clubs and bars round the worlds trying to pull or looking forward to sexy time now it’s the weekend…

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Riveting story.

Now on to some great advice - blah blah light a candle, blah blah, picture of the person, blah blah. (I’m just mirroring your post :wink: All in good spirits)

On a more serious note - I’ve not done a love spell per se, however had some great results with sex magic. There are lots of posts here on it, give it a search. Or… just ask someone out for a drink :slight_smile:

Your post is short and badly worded, if you take the time to clearly state what you are looking for everyone may be able to help you a little better.

You could also look through the countless posts on this subject to find what you are looking for.

Hi,im not a beginner,i wonder,if i invoqe a sex demon female, will b fast results, instead of mans spirts,

E.A.'s love spell which is posted on here is very useful. There is also the red/black candle spell in the BaLG ebook which is useful if you have a specific person in mind. There is also the black candle manipulation spell which is on E.A.'s Youtube channel.

Por favor, trate de escribir con un traductor como éste. No es perfecto, pero puede llegar a ser mucho, mucho más legible que lo que estás escribiendo y sin un traductor. El más legible es, más fácil es para nosotros entender y responder a sus preguntas. Además, trate de buscar mensajes en este tema, al igual que lo que la gente ya se han sugerido. Escribí esto a través de Google Translate.

In English:
Please try writing with a translator like this one. It’s not perfect, but it can prove to be much, much more legible than what you’re writing without a translator. The more legible it is, the easier it is for us to understand you and answer your questions. Also try to search for posts on this topic, like what people have already suggested. I wrote this using Google Translate.

Dayum. Can any native speakers confirm that that Spanish isn’t terrible?

Hi,im not beginer,but im not fluent in enghlis,or Spanish either,im a knw basic language,but never master all,5languages,not really 1,to claim, but thanks to lady eva,who say Saturday night is laid ngt all over the world, easy is tat, tru i did invoqe a demon goddes of love/lust, at 6:27-54,tat night, by 8:35,tat chick were under a magic state, too bad ger friend was whit her,fir a faraway party,otherwise i should score, the spirt do his best,under 2hrs,fast movement,unbelievable to me,since im use to,mondays,12am,Tuesday,Thursday 12am, for love spells,also a fellow magician,share some stuff,to let me see,magick limitations are set for us,not spirts,thanks so much guys,and lady eva,thanks for advice,im so apreciatr,

I am having more success with saturn for lust then any other planet. Its the planet of authority, as long as you don’t by a tyrant and impose to hard on others authority. Like Mercury you are writing your on life story and getting the birthright of divine authority. Also like Mercury its on the left hand pillar of form and saturn is the beginning of forms. Its the protective circle, so if people have been cursing you, your experiencing interference from other people in your love/lust life and you do not want to depend on having to through other people to meet the people you want, Lastly if you want the discipline of concentration on perfecting the thought forms of what you want and clear away distractions, the Saturn is also a nice supplement to your other love/lust spells