Satan's presence smells like honey?

So I’m fairly new to darker energies so in order to familiarize my self with these energies I listened to the Lords prayer backwards with an individual narrating it while being in a state of possession by Satan. At the end of the prayer I could smell honey?
how come?

here is the video by the way


Honestly I’m new to diving in deep. I really want to ask E.A. a lot of things but am still new.

I’m guessing we are seen as simply vibrations of particles to these beings.

I have no doubt they can manipulate parts of our brain that activate smell, memories and more.

My guess is that they can make any type of smell they want you to smell.

My guess is that they will also give you any information they want you to have. They will lie if they don’t think you deserve help or guidance.

My guess.

I think of demons like a crew of like a bunch of 12 year old skaters. They aren’t going to fucking listen to you or help you or anything.

I’m feeling like only the advanced being like Baal and Lucifer are the ones you want to connect with.

I don’t know though. I am still new to diving in deep. I think. Shit I might be fully in and not even realize it yet.

That’s not really a good way to think of demons…these beings have been around for thousands of years and most of them are truly gods.

Thinking like they are just 12 year olds will get you into some deep shit quick. These beings have been around seen it all and done it all.
And true if you are rude and/or disrespectful to them they aren’t gonna help you.

I’ve honestly never had a demon lie to me… my understanding may have been off but I’ve always been able to look back and see that they indeed did help and told me the truth.

If you sunmon a demon and treat him like he’s a 12 year old kid…well your likely to get your ass handed to you that’s rude and disrespectful. I certainly wouldn’t help anyone that treated me that way.


I don’t have a full grasp on that yet. I thought demons were different than the fallen Angels.

Humans are powerful as all fuck too. They should be nice to us too.

Mankind is so fucking powerful and most people have no idea at all.

That’s cuts both ways.[quote=“420singles, post:4, topic:20047”]
thought demons were different than the fallen Angels.

Most demons were gods when new religion wipes everything out they demonize their opponents gods.

I agree

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Is there like a force that opposes everything? No matter what it is.

Not Satan or Lucifer or Baal. Something else.

I feel like there is a force out there that wants existence itself to cease.

Not demons, angels. Something far greater. Something that is always trying to consume everything.

Possibly. There is always the light and the Dark.

The closest I’ve come to experiencing that is chaos gods . But they aren’t necessarily bad or evil. Just destroy and then rebuild.

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I used to do that as a child. I would destroy things and then say. “All Fixed”.