Satan's Pact on January 28

I joined to the Satan’s Pact on January 28th.
I am a little bit disappointed because I haven’t heard my name from the box.
I’d like to know why…


What Box???

Anyways congrats on your pact with :heart: Satan :heart:

That is odd your name wasn’t pulled from the box. It did seem like there were some cut parts in the video(felt like it jumped around a bit) so maybe it was cut out by mistake. I’d reach out to customer support about it and see if they can offer you any explanation.

I asked. They told me that they are there only for billing issues and administration.
I had to ask to the forum.
I wrote on E.A. youTube channel and Facebook page, too.
No answers…

No more money from me to Balg. No more…

How much did it cost?

Perhaps @Lady_Eva can pass your message on to @Timothy who can get it to EA.


Let’s hope… thanks


You are being much nicer about this than I would be. Cause I would have dropped at least a few f bombs in there :speak_no_evil:

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi, e-mail timothy (at) becomealivinggod (dot) com, that saves you time going through me, he should be able to help. :+1:


Thank you!


What is this pact for?

Just to be correct, this is E.A. answer.


Well, it’s nice to know he replied.

Do you feel that the whole thing was worth 500 dollars?

Yes, I think so.
It’s a long time I wanted to do a Pact with Satan and I think it has been a good idea to profit from this opportunity. Now I’m getting ready for the Reverse Baptism